The Last Guardian, 2012 PS3 GOTY Or Disappointment

Will The Last Guardian live up to the hype on the PS3?

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disturbing_flame2513d ago

What hype nobody saw the game yet ?

killcycle2512d ago

Any game hyped will always inevitably fail.

The trailer looked fun and different.

Detoxx2512d ago

Why? Did Battlefield 3 fail? Thought so..

killcycle2512d ago

In terms of expectations of course, people build hopes up high and never get what they expect.

The story of cod's modern gaming life.

GribbleGrunger2513d ago

happy new year Sony. forgive the West they're ignorant

h311rais3r2512d ago

And you are just as ignorant for saying that.

GribbleGrunger2512d ago

like i said, the West is ignorant

rabidpancakeburglar2512d ago

Damn that game, it should have instructions not to jump on your laptop, looks like I'll be using my phone for internet now ;)

rabidpancakeburglar2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

I think that it will be a good game and should live up to the hype unnecessarily placed on it.

smashcrashbash2512d ago

Its sad when we have reached a point that gamer's minds are so weak that they allow hype to dictate what they play or their enjoyment factor with a game. You follow the hype or you allow your own personally experience to judge the game by. All the stupid things people say about the hype ruining the game is BS. If you are so weak minded that hype ruins things for you then you are lost cause. All the hype in the world didn't make me go see Transformers 2 and You dictate you experience NOT the hype .

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