Alone in the Dark 5 Out January 2007! Oh, Wait

Kotaku writes:

"Atari Australia seems to have its wires crossed. According to the publisher's website, Alone in the Dark: Near Death Investigation came out 11 months ago! I must have missed the press release on that one. And the review copy. And the reviews.

Yes, I realise it's a small mistake, but I think because of it AITD is appearing on the front page of the site along with The Witcher and Jericho, two games that came out weeks (or months) ago. Might cause a bit of confusion when punters go looking for it. Mind you, $119.95 is quite a price tag".

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KidMakeshift3877d ago

Atari in The Dark coming out January 1708

mighty_douche3877d ago

is that confirmed? or......?

KidMakeshift3877d ago

I'm still waiting on the carrier pigeon

I'll get back to you in a month

mighty_douche3877d ago

hang your worm out the window!

xaphanze3877d ago

We havent seen anything from this game except some screenshots and interviews.I want a horror game already!!

wiizy3877d ago

the sooner the better...wii owners are waiting