Sony, Announce God of War IV Already. Gamers Have Evidence

TQ author writes: Come on Sony, what’s the hold up? We already have numerous amounts of evidence leading to God of War IV. Let’s see, we know about the co-op feature involving Kratos and his brother Deimos, and the September rumored release date. We know people are working on the game via resumes posted online, and we won’t forget this.

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dericb112454d ago

Wait till your ready Sony. All the negative press for releasing Alpha or CG is a waste. Plus why would they want to put Santa Monica Studio in such a bad position.

acemonkey2454d ago

cool its going to be epic

byeGollum2453d ago

long live Kratos .. 'nd my preciousssss..

francknara62453d ago

The Mexico page is fake...

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The story is too old to be commented.