Sony, Announce God of War IV Already. Gamers Have Evidence

TQ author writes: Come on Sony, what’s the hold up? We already have numerous amounts of evidence leading to God of War IV. Let’s see, we know about the co-op feature involving Kratos and his brother Deimos, and the September rumored release date. We know people are working on the game via resumes posted online, and we won’t forget this.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima2149d ago

Yea do it now! All I wanna see is how the story continues and a few in game screenshots:)

Man In Black2147d ago

People complain when games get announced too early (Final Fantasy Versus 13, Duke Nukem Forever, etc), and they then they complain if they don't get announced soon enough. Make up your mind.

HardCover2147d ago

They have made up their mind. You're just telling two different sides of the fence to all hop over to one particular side.

Ain't gonna happen.

sikbeta2147d ago

Santa Monica always late to the Party, GOWIV shoud be a PS4, GOWII all over again -__-

m-s-8-22147d ago

in spite of being released for ps2, there was absolutely nothing wrong with gow2. it was the last game i actually played on that system so in my opinion it went out on as high a note as it could have.

BlackTar1872147d ago

Yea i agree with M-s,8-2 i was happy it was on ps2 and certainly wasn't a hindrance to play it even with s360 out. And yea left me with a great view of the system since it was my last ps2 game as well.

Well i did end up getting manhunt 2 for ps2 later since the wii one was awful

FACTUAL evidence2147d ago

It was only right to make GOW2 on the ps2. The franchise started on it, and ps2 was still the TOP selling system between 360, and ps3. Meaning Sony loves to support their shii....

Captain Qwark 92147d ago

i liked 2 way more than 1 and didnt care for 3 at all ( except the boss battles in 3 were great ) ps3 IN MY OPINION deserves 1 more gow and hopefully its better than 3. plus there is nothing wrong with a franchise appearing on a console cycle only twice ( not including hd remakes )

ShAkKa2147d ago

GoWII was the perfect good bye for the PS2.

MaxXAttaxX2147d ago

What does "all over again" even mean?
The game is amazing and was very well received everywhere.

sikbeta2147d ago

Yeah guys, whatever, when the next console hits, you all will whine when people say "lolz PS4 haz no gaemez"

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ThichQuangDuck2147d ago

Sony announce War of the Monsters 2 because the first one was great and a sequel is not inevitable

showtimefolks2147d ago

i believe this will either be announced at GDC or right before E3 on spike tv. i sure hope its GOW 4 because i don't want the series to end.

people complain about GOW series which comes out every 2-3 years what about games coming out on yearly bases that most of y'all keep buying.

Andronix2147d ago

What a cheap way to scrounge hits by misleading N4G readers with a statement that a game has been announced, 'Sony announce God do War IV' and then using a final word, 'already,' to excuse yourself from wrong doing. I certainly won't click their link.

Let me suggest some future article titles from this tqcast blog:-

* Epic announce Gears of War 4, I hope.
* Microsoft announce Halo 5, fingers crossed.
* Sony announce Killzone 4, please.

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dericb112149d ago

Wait till your ready Sony. All the negative press for releasing Alpha or CG is a waste. Plus why would they want to put Santa Monica Studio in such a bad position.

acemonkey2149d ago

cool its going to be epic

byeGollum2148d ago

long live Kratos .. 'nd my preciousssss..

francknara62148d ago

The Mexico page is fake...

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