The New York Times corrects videogame mistakes

New Yorks Times' Peter Wayner on November 30 published an article, "Some Essential Hardware (Even Away From the Street)", that made some major videogame blunders. The essential hardware guide claimed:

• Halo 3 is "the third edition of the Xbox 360 game."
• Gran Turismo 5 is "one of the best sellers" for the PS3.
• The PS3 costs $299.
• Both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are "built around the multicore Cell processor."

The New York Times has updated the article online to "address several factual errors" and appended a correction note:

"Correction: December 4, 2007

An article in Business Day on Friday about favorite gadgets of executives referred incorrectly to the video game Gran Turismo 5. It has not yet been released, and thus is not a best-selling game. The article also referred imprecisely to the game Halo 3. It is the first game in the Halo series designed for the Xbox 360; the earlier games, though playable on the Xbox 360, were designed for the original Xbox. The chip in the Xbox 360 also was misidentified. It has a Xenon chip, not a Cell processor. And the article also misstated the price of the Sony PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 3 starts at $399, not $299."

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Xbox is the BEST3876d ago

this the same New York Times that claims that Microsoft paid $150 million to Paramount/Dreamworks? Sure

Blademask3876d ago

NYTIMES has misprints all the time. Just like any news source. Good that they corrected the information, none of it was too detrimental. Just really showed how skilled their videogame department is.

I still weigh their finds over some college-drop-out-fanboy game reviewer any day.