GTA: San Andreas Graphical Overhaul Mod Released; Experience GTA: SA like never before

DSOGaming writes: "We bloody well know that a lot of you are so into GTA: San Andreas and can’t wait to re-play it. Well, good news for all of you as modder Rikintosh has released his Advanced Graphics Settings Mod for it. This is basically a graphical overhaul that comes with a new reflection system (different than the one of the ENBSeries), SSAO, SM 3.0 and SAMP support, advanced lighting, enhanced effects, improved lights and improved normal maps."

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Criminal2305d ago

Good old San Andreas. I really miss this game. I wish if Rockstar would remake it for the PS3/360.

OcularVision2304d ago

They are, it's called Grand Theft Auto V.

RememberThe3572304d ago

And I'm so f*ckin pumped!!!

Pikajew2304d ago

You can buy it on Steam. If you really loved the game you will play it at any resolution.

emk20042304d ago

Wow they did a great job with this mod.

john22304d ago

Yeap. Contrary to the ENBSeries mod for GTA: SA, this one looks great!

MaxOpower2304d ago

You think so?
To me this looks awful, it's just super dark with crazy shining cars.

TXIDarkAvenger2304d ago


Although this mod doesn't look that great, it certainly looks better the original graphics.

jkuli62304d ago

Dear Rockstar, PLEASE remake Vice City and San Andreas in HD for PS3/360!!!!!

I_Guts_I2304d ago

Why? Go play Saints Row 3. A remake for this type of game is not necessary.

Saints 3 has you gaining territory and doing crazy shit just like San Andreas did. Its just more looney.

BlmThug2304d ago

Finally a mod that doesnt blind you. The ENB series have a ridiculous amount of bloom

john22304d ago

Precisely. It's a nice change since most - if not all of - ENBSeries mods are full of bloom and blurry post-processing effects