Should God of War IV Have a Multiplayer Mode?

God of War IV has been all but announced at this point – several magazines have leaked information and even Composer Timothy Williams has it listed on his resume, but that isn’t the most surprising part. Several rumors have stated that God of War IV will be the first game in the award-winning series to include a multiplayer element. What the multiplayer will entail is anyone’s guess, but its mere mention has made PSLS wonder: would multiplayer really be a good idea for God of War? - PSLS

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iChii2457d ago

Is it really necessary from such a fantastic franchise?

killcycle2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )


badz1492457d ago

he got Pandora in GoW3 and Deimos in GoS! so...not really but I think co-op will distract gamers from engaging with the game and character in an atmospheric game like GoW IMO!

blumatt2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Well, it's not necessary, but and I say but, it would be pretty awesome to go co-op (hopefully online too) with a buddy against swarms of enemies. Something like a horde mode from Gears 3 would be sick with Kratos. I do kinda sorta wish they'd make this game a PS4 launch title.

The one question I have with a coop mode would be: Who would the other character be? Kratos's brother?

_Aarix_2457d ago

Hell why not? Its not like its going to take away from the awesome single player experience it offered before.

ZombieAssassin2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I wouldn't mind it if it was done similar to Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 where you just play stages with a friend. I really wouldn't mind if the Story mode had co-op as long as nothing was taken away from the SP experience as I don't really have any friends that are decent at hack n slash games.

Pretty much just take the arena mode and allow co-op for it and have more variety like facing bosses together and stuff like that.

JaredH2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I don't think it needs a multiplayer mode but I think it needs some changes that keeps the franchise new and fresh. After five games of the same basic gameplay and ideas I'm getting kind of bored. I don't want to tap circle on Minotaurs to get health anymore...

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Nitrowolf22457d ago

I say no and for many reasons.

Co-op could work I can see that working and all, but honestly the main story could suffer if done wrong. I think people main concern with Co-op is that there will be to much focus on it and the aim would be more on it then the SP experience that we GOW have all come to love.

If it's multiplayer as in vers this will be a bit interesting. People said Uncharted didn't need it and it wouldn't have worked, yet it did. But that's an argument people would use to support GOW multiplayer. Reason one UC3 worked is cause it was pretty much already a MP game or could easily become one. How would GOW play? Just a simple hack and slash arena? Mortal Kombat style? I can see it working, but I def do not see it lasting to long

Horde mode, 1 Vs. 1 I can see happening, but like I said how long before they get boring? I see it ending quick.

I just don't see the need for a co-op mode. I think the players would be obviously Kratos and his brother.

zeddy2457d ago

i'll take 5 more hours of single player over stupid multiplayer any day.

jeseth2457d ago

I concur.

F Multiplayer in GOW. Dumb.

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ftwrthtx2457d ago

I say no. Why does it need it?

Ducky2457d ago

Well, in that case, the God of War series doesn't need a fourth installment either. =/

Bimkoblerutso2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Yeah, I mean they can only invest so much time into making a grade-A single-player experience. I say let them devote less time and effort into what made the franchise as incredible as it is.

GIVE US SOME TACKED ON MULTI-PLAYER, GUYS! Because why the hell not!?

Criminal2457d ago

Multiplayer shouldn't be shoehorned into all games. For God of War, I'd say no.

TheHater2457d ago

No because it's needed.

cpayne932457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Lol I think he forgot the not. Or he meant yes?

Edit: haha why did all three of us get a disagree?

TheHater2457d ago

lol...sorry I meant "NOT" needed. Just give me an epic single player

yesmynameissumo2457d ago

If there's co-op, cool. If not, cool. I'm really not concerned with that aspect of the game. I really just want a killer, gorgeous button masher with a pretty cool story. So far, God of War games have delivered.

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