Street Fighter IV First Peeks and Leaks: The Full Scoop; Kotaku: Shame On You

1UP Editor, James Mielke, isn't too happy about the recent Street Fighter 4 info leakage. Here is what he has to say on the matter.

"I'm guessing by now that you've seen the first trickling of our Street Fighter IV coverage, as evidenced by our hub page of upcoming features, and the first exclusive screenshot, which you can see here if you're too besmitten to actually click on the feature page. It's such a relief to finally be able to unveil this stuff to the world, despite the slightly advanced warning that Capcom's teaser trailer gave everyone. I mean, it just kills me to try and keep this stuff under our hats. Seriously, do you have any idea how much effort it takes to make Shane Bettenhausen STFU? Still, this is the result not only of months of planning (we're talking six months or so), but years of relationship building, as well as our own web and print coordination".

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Genki3786d ago

This is the internet...this is with it.

Almost, ALMOST as bad as multi-millionaire producer Dr. Dre crying about Napster "taking food out of my children's mouths".

Yeah it sucks, but it didn't need an essay nor was everything leaked.

Funky Town_TX3786d ago

stealing music, movies, games etc it bad. Pirates suck. They kill markets. Working for what you want is a great feeling.

Genki3786d ago

but my point was that it's senseless to get all wrapped around the axle about something so minor, particularly when things like this are so widespread and often times MUCH worse than what we're seeing here.

This isn't even the equivalent of a single song on an upcoming album getting leaked...

Then again, Meus could be right and it all may be contrived. With the way gaming journalism has been for a while, it wouldn't surprise me. Hard to know who's genuine anymore. Best not to care.

Skerj3786d ago

That bastard got me banned from Napster back in the day for sharing Chronic 2001, which I bought!! Since then I've never purchased a single thing that Dre even touched, oh yeah and I went to Audiogalaxy which was the man.

BrotherSic3786d ago

audiogalaxy was the greatest site I have ever used. It was awesome :)

I miss those days of downloading an album on a 512mb connection in a couple of mins. I guess rapidshare, media fire, megaupload etc are tring to bring that back.

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Meus Renaissance3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I really don't understand why they need to take this "issue" with Kotaku public. Just phone them up and get an apology back or ask for their original story to be edited that sanitized EGM and make a remark to the change in the story.

Ironically, they're probably only doing this blog of theirs to increase "hits" on their website. Something Kotaku tried to do, although in a impolite manner. Guess what - 1UP starts complaining and patronising/criticising another major gaming journalist website who are also trying to increase their "hits". Same motives. Both, shady methods.

These people are suffering through an identity crisis. Having said that however, EGM are completely within their moral bounds to be upset by the leakage of these images. Ah what the's controversy, we love it!

rushbd3786d ago

I remember when they did the same thing with Sony.

They spoiled Home before GDC.

but when sony got pissed and cut all the invitation from Kotaku ,everyone blamed sony. Sony didnt go public about this , but Kotaku did.

Polluted3785d ago

@Rushbd: Well Kotaku didn't steal the screens. Some other douchebag did that. Kotaku just reported that the screens were available. I actually heard about the story through I mean it would have been super nice of them to not publish the story, but it could also be said that, as fans, we shouldn't have looked at the stolen screens. Did anybody really think it was inappropriate of Kotaku before 1up took a sh*t and tried to make them look bad? I sure didn't. The only person to blame here would be the guy who stole the screens in the first place. Kotaku and 1up slinging insults at one and other just makes both sites look unprofessional.

TheHater3786d ago

It seems that a certain website watch hits on their website. What a shame

PimpHandHappy3786d ago


played it WAY back in the day

Komrad3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

1)the freelance jerk that breached protocol & stole the exclusive picts = arseface

2)kotaku jumping to conclusions then re-cantering & apologizing on their website= human.

Polluted3785d ago

Agreed. I just saw the Kotaku response. I'm glad they apologized and just sort of dropped the issue rather than fire back at 1up with some snarky remarks. No need for either site to really lose any more face here. The guy who stole the screens is finished in gaming journalism. That should be enough.

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