Final Fantasy XIII-2 Bombing in Japan?

GR: "Sales were well under half of what Square Enix expected, the price has fallen like a rock, and trade-ins are rampant. From the looks of things, Final Fantasy XIII-2 isn't the comeback S-E was hoping for."

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Prcko2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Square Enix-
YOU DESTROYED final fantasy,now face the consuqences!!!

Capt-FuzzyPants2537d ago

Oh yeah they're really feelin it. Over 600k may not be as much as FF13, but is in no way bad. It's still really good compared to a lot of other games for their first weeks.

RememberThe3572537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

You got all those disagrees form people trying to will Square Enix into failure. Try a little harder guys, maybe if your a little more delusional, close your eyes, plug your ears and screen loudly, you wont have to face Square Enix still receiving unwarranted success.

I think it's time for people to stop caring about games they supposedly hate. 600k is a really good number and no one here should really care. If you do, get a life and you'll realize how stupid you were when you gave a shit how much FF 13-2 sold.

sikbeta2537d ago

Want to compare:

FF XIII = 1.5m sales in first week
FF XIII-2 = 600k in first week

Really frontloaded game, after the week of release these games go down like a rock, so yeah, XIII-2 doing bad and it's SE fault, they deserve it.

sirdrake2537d ago


They deserve it? How do you figure? stop being ignorant

Trebius2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Us fans of Squaresoft that have been around to see the golden era of RPG gaming are willing them to fail, because theyre lazy now...they focus on makign a quick buck rather than making a great game using the same formula they used to back in the 8bit an 16bit eras and even through the PS1 and PS2.

Square isnt "failing", they just dont hold their games to a high standard anymroe, and theyre getting the sales they deserve.

600k first week isnt bad at all though this is true. Its just terrible compared to their past releases.

Mister_V2537d ago

I dont even think it's a money grab. FFXIII had a lot of production value, high quality visuals, and tight gameplay. I just think their general direction for these new FF games are just simply... bad. Could be an unwillingness to grow out of their traditions, or that their tastes are just out of touch with the consumers'.

Bobby Kotex2537d ago

In a way it was a money grab. The producer even said they had all these characters and assets, it would be a waste to not use them again.

rdgneoz32537d ago

@Mister_V Its an unwillingness to grow out of their traditions that hurt them, its that they willingly left their traditions behind for money. They went in a new direction with 13 to make it more westernized to get people's money instead of making a game like the ones people loved in the past. Hell, the theme song "My Hands" alone was a good enough hint. And remember in past articles with 13, that they "cut enough content to make another game"... If they stuck to their traditions and made quality games like they did in the past, things might be a bit different.

geddesmond2537d ago

You don't understand though. In its own right 600k first week is a great number but when you look at the franchises sales history this is a big decline for the series and when the game releases worldwide NA and EU will see sales drops like this as well.

I was a huge FF and Squaresoft/ Square Enix fan but FF 13 was pure shit, SE only released a few titles on the PS3 this generation, like 2 or 3 titles and this long wait for FFV13 which in all honesty doesn't look that great either( my mind will change when I see that world map)is a definite fall from grace for SE. I won't even buy FF13-2 when its on sale for 10 euros. Fuck that, we should have had FFV13 first before this trash

Mottsy2537d ago

@ bobby so any game with a sequel is a money grab?? Lots of money goes into making those new CGI's new towns basically everything they have to do.
@ everyone else, i think square enix is the last to "deserve" this sure they are trying different things and what not but by any means look at the companies comming out of here, AC, COD (obvious) i mean these are the companies that are straight out just rehashing there video game to get that quick buck. those of you who actually finished the FF13 the story wasnt that bad. Far better then 80% of the other games we have on the market. So lets get real here . Peace and love bizznatches!

FFXI1012537d ago

Over 600k is not the worst ever but it is not good either consider RPG is pretty big and popular in Asia and Japan. Just like Shooter here in NA or football(soccer) in EU.

I said it shows that even the fans in Japan didn't like the game much. How long will it take for them to realize that the fans aren't happy with them or their game?

I agree with a lot people here, I think is time for SE to make a change, rethink their strategy. Maybe have someone else direct the game.....I miss the old SQ.

Trebius2537d ago

to be perfectly honest...before FFXIII first came out, I was excited for it because i thought itd start the new generation of RPG gaming off with a BANG. It wasnt until i saw the Moogle in the guy's afro in a teaser where i was like ... OK! Theyve gone bavk to their roots! a moogle is WIN no matter what!

Well much to my dismay it was just a red herring mean to mislead us and make us think that they were indeed going back to their roots...but that moogle was the ONLY thing that kept it close to home.

They need to go the way of wasnt for EVERYONE, but it stuck to the FF lore of a 4 party system and traditional jobs, and it was heavy on the moogles chocobos and all other traditional FF characteristics.

Now theyve strayed way way far from what made us like FF games in the first place...i was so excited to see that moogle, and aws disappointed that that waws the only taste of the magical FF we used to know...they did a great job with the Chocobos though.

gamingdroid2536d ago

I think this is more a direction of the Japanese games industry. Most big franchises are now slowly declining and so is that industry.

miyamoto2536d ago

If SEdid not let MS mess with XIII & resisted that temptation to gimp down the whole game to fit in for the 360. None of this should have happened. The way Japn see's it XIII -2 is just one big expandion pack that should have been in the first game at first.
Poor Japan I hope you learn your lessons.

geddesmond2536d ago


LMAO I got the platinum for FF13. I did more than just beat the story and the story was pure trash. Forgettable characters, mindless combat that envolves pressing X repeatedly, long boring linear story that was all over the place and as someone who played FF 5,6,7,8,9,10,10-2,12,13 and Crystal chronicles, the story is by far the worst in the franchise. Yes way worse than FF10-2 and Crystal chronicles on the gamecube.


Chocobo. That was a chocobo chick in his afro. The moogles the white flying teddybear thing in FF13-2

Mottsy2536d ago

@ GED Worse thenn X-2 and chronicles are you drunk and high? The only thing holding this game downn was how linear it is. Battle system was new , and it wasn't the best idea but at least they are trying new things. Western games are taking over and these Jrpgs are trying to adapt to change it to this crowd. Sure we still got the classic studios that stick to their roots. But this is business you have to change and keep innovating. So go right ahead and jump on the over exaggerated band wagon that this game was trash. New yes, could of been better? yes Complete garbage? Defintly not! /rant

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Ranma12537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

"Toriyama is interested in using first-person shooter games for inspiration rather than other role-playing video games,"


Gamer-Z2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I call it "The COD effect" its been affecting more and more games lately.

specialguest2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

That's just sad.

tiffac0082537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I was wrong... don't fire Wada, fire Toriyama instead.

He's freaking killing the franchise that Sakaguchi built. -_-

gamingdroid2536d ago

... but Toriyama directed FF XIII and it was relatively well received both by critics and in sales.

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Eamon2537d ago

Well, think about it this way.

In all the bad that's coming out of this, there's one good thing that's certain.

There won't be a Final Fantasy XIII-3.

badz1492537d ago

there will still be #3!

exsturminator012537d ago


Apparently there's a "To Be Continued..." screen for one of the endings, so either they've got some serious post-plot DLC coming, or there's a number three already in the works.

badz1492537d ago

already in the works?

oh I thinks it's done or almost done! since going to the 360, they've planned to milk XIII to dry!

Redempteur2537d ago

there will be a ff13-3 the true ending ( after getting all fragments ) will convince you of that.
anyway that was a nice game ..but quite easy ...

catguykyou2537d ago

possible that the dlc will expand on the ending, not warranting a third game?

Eamon2537d ago

Let's just hope it's DLC.

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showtimefolks2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

SE needs a serious wake up call with FF series, i mean they are letting the devs do a great job with reboot of tome raider and dues ex was awesome.

Wada wake up dawg before they fire your ass. how could you announce ff13 versus and we have gotten the sequel for 13 but no news on versus?

instead of calling it ff13 versus it should be called FF14 or a actual number since the name ff13 has been tainted

but 600k isn't bad, let's see once it launches world wide maybe sales will pick up. From what i read ff13-2 has improved a lot on everything that FF13 did wrong so why the low sales? are people just fed up with ff13 name? or has SE done enough bad to FF name where people are starting to not give a damn?

also disagree all you want with this statement.

SE have many FF games from last gens that they should either remake in hd or give a hd collection of some sort because that's guaranteed money

otherZinc2537d ago

Maybe people are tired of "movie" games.

BiggsnWedge2537d ago

I'm not, I'm tired of the games you speak of that have no interesting story to tell.

MGS series for instance, one of my favourites for that purpose

Bobby Kotex2537d ago

Maybe the japanese finally got tired of effeminate men in leading roles. Nah..

princejb1342537d ago

after playing buying ff13 you best believe im not getting any of your games for a while
but you still have hope give me kingdom hearts 3, or hopefully versus 13 is worth my money

ThichQuangDuck2537d ago

Can you say worst title ever?

Knushwood Butt2536d ago

The price of the first game (13) dropped like a rock a week or so after launch too.

Still, it's clear this one will not sell as well, despite being a better game (or so I hear).

miyamoto2536d ago

This is what SquareEnix gets after selling their soul to the devil!

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Kamikaze1352537d ago

I think in order for SE to turn FF around they'll have to release a new entry in the series (XV) and market it properly. Plus, build it the way the fans want it and turn it into the series fans once fell in love with.

mini games
chocobo mini games
big world
controllable airships
memorable characters
job system or something similar
epic story
epic villain

Snookies122537d ago

Which is what Versus XIII is doing, it's also headed by Tetsuya Nomura, the man who should have creative control over ALL Final Fantasy games period. You can't go wrong with the guy who created Kingdom Hearts, and all the amazing characters of Final Fantasy since FF6.

Eamon2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Actually, no.

Tetsuya Nomura's prominent role in Final Fantasy has been in story and character design.

Nomura's series, Kingdom Hearts, is an action-RPG. As well as FFvs13. It's an action-RPG.

I'm not saying he's not good at creative game design at all. He's amazing. I love the Kingdom Hearts series. However, his vision is quite strictly action-RPG. And the Final Fantasy series has always been tactical turn/time based RPG.

Versus is a spin-off so Nomura directing and handling core game design is perfectly okay. However I don't want Final Fantasy XV or any numbered main entry to be action-RPG.

Snookies122537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I can see your point, and I know his roles were for story and character design in past games.

I've always liked the original turn based gameplay of Final Fantasy, from 1 to 10. However, I would much rather prefer an action-rpg to the awful battle system of XIII. I would love for them to go back to 10's battle system, it was perfected in my opinion, but given that it's not a possibility, a Kingdom Hearts-esque battle system is fine by me.

In my opinion though battle systems don't make a Final Fantasy. It's the story and characters that make it, and Nomura is probably the best in the business when it comes to those two things.

Tose2537d ago

Considering this is the guy who's running KH into the ground, I'd say you could go wrong. None the less, Nomura is definitely Enix's best bet. KH1 is a beautiful game, I hope he can recreate that success, been a long time since I played a good Final Fantasy game. BTW he didn't create 9s, which arguably are the best ones.

Snookies122537d ago

How is he running Kingdom Hearts into the ground? The story is as wonderful as ever. Sure it's getting a bit more complex, but that just makes it more interesting.

If you mean the fact of putting all these games on handhelds and whatnot, I do agree that is a bad move, but I also know that he's trying to bide time until Versus XIII comes out, so that he can make a proper sequel on console.

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MrWiggle2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Basicaly the opposite of what FF13 is, what a true FF game is supposed to be like :)


A depressing, bland, boring lead character (Lightning)
Annoying characters (Hope, Vanille, Snow)
Transformer Summons
A crappy, complicated plot that makes no sense and full of plotholes
Linear gameplay
Worst battle system ever (seriously whats wrong with turn base)
and so on...

I'm so glad it got low sales, about time Square got a wake up call, now hopefully the same will happen with the dmc reboot and RE: Operation Racoon City with Capcom

Gamer-Z2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

But.. but over complicated story's with depressing bland boring lead characters and annoying sidekicks is what makes it Japanese xP

2537d ago
Tose2537d ago

@admiralsnake- Definitely, it's the lack of voices however, that let's Cloud get away with it.

Leonesaurus2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I think everyone is entitled to their very own opinion on a game or anything for that matter. And agree or not, we must respect that, no matter what.

With that being said, after... what? 2 years, more or less, after FF XIII's release, I finally picked it up for $14.99 on Black Friday and just recently started playing it after finishing Skyrim.

I have to throw in my 5 cents, which is probably going to be the same opinion of less than %5 of the people that actually played this game.
_____________________________ ____________________

I'm still playing through it (haven't finished it yet) and I'm actually enjoying it. I just went by what everyone else had been saying about the game for the past 2 years or so and just assumed the game was a piece of shit.

With playing it for myself for well over 40 hours now, I think people are blowing this game WAY out of proportions.
_____________________________ ____________________

The linear level designs suck compared to the more open world feel and exploration of past and future (FF XIV) games in the series.

There are minor other little things that are different slightly from previous installments, such as the leveling system, not being able to choose your party/character setup in the first portion of the game and so on.
_____________________________ ____________________

I actually enjoy the characters and the story. Now Vanille can be annoying, and she is pretty stupid. But most games have their stupid characters half the time anyways, so I'm used to that already.
_____________________________ ____________________

Alright, now to story and the gameplay aspect.

I don't care if people disagree with me, this is my opinion based off my experiences. I think FF XIII has the best, or at least one of the best combat systems in the franchise.

I like how I can concentrate more on switching between paradigms and monitoring ATB/TP gauges and choosing when I want to launch air combos and getting the enemy to stagger mode as quickly as possible.
_____________________________ ____________________

Lastly, the story. It's a very simple, yet interesting story IF you can understand it.

It's so much easier to understand and get into it if the players read the data journals you collect up each time you proceed in the chapter.

I'll be honest I had no idea what the fuck a fal'Cie was or a l'Cie, Sanctum l'Cie, or shit, even a Pulse l'cie. Even the difference between Cacoon and Pulse I had a hard time understanding during the first few hours.

I think the names they chosen for all these important plot points makes it difficult for the average, or shit, for most players to understand and then eventually care about later down the road when they're still confused.

However, I do think if you can read the data journals as you go along the story and keep an open mind, I think the story is actually pretty easy to understand and it's actually pretty enjoyable to be honest.
_____________________________ ____________________

In closing, is this the best Final Fantasy game ever? Absolutely not. Is it a decent~good representation of the series as a whole? It's good for its presentation, but as a whole, absolutely not.

Is it even one of the best RPG's out there? I'll say no, since there are some really, really good games out there filled with exploration, mini games and more. But FF XIII, from what I've played so far, is enjoyable and it is what it is.

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Tanir2537d ago

yeah kamikaze u just explained Versus lol. Versus needs to just drop the 13 from the title like Type 0 Did and all will be fine

darthawesome902537d ago

Couldn't agree more with epic villain. The villain in XIII-2 is a guy that looks like a chick. I know this is normal for Final Fantasy but this is the most girly villain ever. Well maybe Kuja was worse but at least he had an ok personality and given the graphics of the time was more excusable.

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NiceGuy1922537d ago

That's a wake-up call right there. If they still don't get that people don't like their western plus more "action-oriented" approach... I don't know what will.

chadwarden2537d ago

Lightning not as main character = Fail