Devil May Cry 4 Plant Boss Battle Video

A video featuring one of the boss battles in Devil May Cry 4.

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aiphanes3848d ago

This game is looking better than I thought!

EHILL3848d ago

That there is the only man I would go gay for. But is looking better each time. Not sure If I'm ready to make the jump...but I'll put it on my watch list.

doomsonyman3848d ago

the guy playing had alot of attack oppertunities that he didn't take advantage of.

Prismo_Fillusion3848d ago

And you know...he could've at least *tried* to avoid just one of the plant's attacks. Instead of getting hit by everything.

riksweeney3848d ago

Hopefully the camera works better than the one in Ninja Gaiden. I've played to many games that have been completely ruined by a crappy camera.