Type 95 too powerful in MW3, banned from some tournaments

Jamie Pert at Product-Reviews writes: There has been lots of talk about the unfair advantage that the Type 95 users get when playing MW3 online. Many describe it as overpowerful and we agree, but now we are hearing that a website which arranges MW3 tournaments for cash has banned it from being used - such a decision would have not come lightly, therefore we think it's about time that Infinity Ward made changes to the gun - do you agree?

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WetN00dle692173d ago

I despise it very very much!
All the campers love using that shitty weapon!

Hufandpuf2173d ago

how's it shitty if everyone uses it? You mean cheap.

WetN00dle692173d ago

Not everyone. I for one have never touched the shitty weapon. Sorry i mean shitty as in my personal opinion. Yes its powerful but to me its a shitty and CHEAP weapon.

JeffGUNZ2173d ago

Really?! I believe the weapon use to be overpowered, but even since one of the last few patches, the gun is so inconsistent. I am trying to gold out all my weapons and am currently level 30 on the Type 95. I don't know what they did to that weapon, but it's so sporadic it drives me nuts. I have been shooting people from mid range distances, hitting them with 3-3 round bursts. Then I shoot a guy double the distance behind him and kill that person in one burst. Makes no sense. I'm sure lag may have something to do with it, but I think the Scar and ACR are more lethal than the type 95.

WetN00dle692173d ago

That is true, the ACR is indeed more lethal than the Type 95.

Ghost_of_Tsushima2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Let's see a SMG can kill you a mile away, the type 95 is a sniper on crack, the automatic shotgun is unstoppable, sniper rifle quick scope, and spawn points which you die instantly! The game is screwed.

49erguy2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Yeah I'd say a squad using automatic shotguns on Dome is MUCH worse than the Type 95. I still think the PP90 and dual machine pistols are EXTREMELY overpowered as well.

Off topic: Why is an M16 in the pic?

acemonkey2173d ago

ban a gun is against Americans rights...u should ban knifing too

theseeder2173d ago

it has to be said that this is not the only gun which is unrealistic - I have been sniped across the map multiple times with 1 shot from a pistol

banana4202173d ago

that is realistic.i think you mean not balanced.real guns are a one shot cod tho it imposable to get one shotted by a pistol.or anything but a sniper or a shotgun.

JeffGUNZ2173d ago

A pistol in real life, from distances that are equivalent as "across the map" should not kill a solider with one shot (unless hit in between the eyes/head). The Kevlar a soldier wears should stop the first few pistol rounds, especially from such great distances. Additionally, even close range, a Kevlar vest should protect you for several rounds until the integrity of the Kevlar is compromised with multiple shots. One shot with an assault riffle will do the trick and military grade Kevlar really can't do anything to stop that.