The top 50 Nintendo games of all time!

Important Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Nintendo 50 best game of all time, with the set of readers. The poll, readers were allowed to make multiple selections. The first list is the first Super Mario Bros. for the NES. game, while the 50th also while the other Mario game Super Mario: Yoshis Island SNES took place. Here's the list:

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Jirachi2173d ago

Ok i agree with the games on the list but the order is out of whack

gillri2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

wow!! Super Metroid!?

where the hell is it? Top 5 for me

ok maybe not in terms of importance in Nintendo history

mike1up2173d ago

I gave myself a smack for not noticing. That's just wrong not to have Super Metroid on a Top 50 list.

mike1up2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Happy to see the Fire Emblem series on the list. But no Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker, and not a single Contra game? Imo Contra Rebirth was a disappointment, but come on...

Contra NES
Super C NES
Contra 3 SNES

Redo this list people!

rataranian2173d ago

No Dragon Quest? >:O That's it you leave me with no choice.... ( )

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