Devil May Cry 4 'Torture Chamber' Video

A new video showing off more gameplay from Devil May Cry 4.

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fe103660d ago

Too much spoilers. I think I seen half the game already.

DemiseofPandas3660d ago

Kobayashi basically said there was about 2 hours of cutscenes in the game, so there is a lot more to be seen, as well as plot twists to be revealed.

fe103660d ago

The enemies are dumb, just waiting to die unlike Ninja Gaiden.

Cusco3660d ago

Devil May Cry has always been about enemies that are punching bags. The difficulty comes from their number and the damage they do. In Ninja Gaiden you find 2-3 enemies at a time, and yeah they are smart, but you don't get that feeling that you can really lay waste to everything. The boss fights are pretty well the same in both games.