$20 Pre-Order Credit for Syndicate at Amazon, New Co-Op Trailer Released

EA and Starbreeze’s FPS remake of Syndicate has not only gotten quite a bit of pre-order credit attached to it at a major online retailer, but has also had a new trailer released for it today that reveals details about the game’s co-op. - PSLS

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knifefight2241d ago

Is this based on the older PC game of the same name?

caboose322241d ago

Yes, it's a reboot of the series, but now it's an FPS.

brettyd2241d ago

this game looks beyond terrible.

spunnups2241d ago

judging completely by that trailer, it looks very generic

strange19862241d ago

I've liked a lot of the single player footage I've seen, but yeah that trailer looks pretty meh.

Excalibur2241d ago

If the game were $20.00 then this would be a good deal.

SolidGear32241d ago

Damn, I just paid in full for this at GameStop. I guess I'll switch that pre-order to Mass Effect 3 and go ahead and pre-order this at Amazon so I can get tge $20 credit. This game will be beyond awsome.

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