IGN: Xenoblade Pirates, Don't Be Stupid

IGN: Editorial - Piracy of Nintendo's RPG is running rampant. If you're one of the million who downloaded the game, you're hurting yourself.

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Gr812541d ago

Is very unfortunate. And very selfish. It costs a lot of money to make these games and it is essentially stealing. Though it can be said that many of these corps. are greedy and ripping folks off but that's a different argument altogether.

Yi-Long2541d ago

... comes from people who don't own a Wii, but want to play and enjoy the game anyway, through the Dolphin emulator.

Also, ofcourse, it's one of the very best games on the Wii yet it's still unreleased in the USA. Obviously, people will download it.

Majin-vegeta2541d ago

Don't hate me guys i only pirated this game cuz i thought it would never come to the U.S but when they announced it would i pre orederd it asap i want more games like this to strive and especially in todays day of age.

bergoo2541d ago

And now the FBI knows you've downloaded games, nice one.

mistajeff2541d ago

yeah, now they know you intend to purchase the one game you've admitted to downloading. you're screwed. never mind all the child porn and massive hosts of copyrighted content out there, the fbi is coming for YOU AND ONLY YOU. all seriousness, no one should hate you for that. especially because you're buying it as soon as it's available to you. it's nintendo's fault for keeping it from you to begin with, especially when there's (clearly) millions of people interested in this title and they completely ignored that audience.

Eamon2541d ago

Well if he has ordered then he's technically not breaking the law since you are allowed by law to make backups.

videoxgamexfanboy2541d ago

i also "have" this game but i plan to buy it when released in NA.

D3mons0ul2541d ago

I didn't because hacking your console just to play one game is beyond retarded.

I don't even have a wii though. Was waiting for this game to get one.

LoaMcLoa2541d ago

Hacking your own system and piracy is two completely different things.

D3mons0ul2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Dont you have to hack the system to play pirated games?

Way to derp there, bud

Eamon2541d ago

He means you can hack your system and not pirate games you smart guy.

ThePsychoGamer2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Yes, it's completely stupid to make to make it so a Wii can play games that you bought. /s

You may not know this, but the Wii is region locked, meaning it won't play games from regions other then the it was bought in (IE a US Wii won't play a game that you imported from Europe or Japan). Hacking the Wii allows the consumer to remove this pointless constraint and play games they bought from other regions.

DarkZane2541d ago

To tell you the truth, I don't support piracy, but Nintendo kinda deserved that one. Next time, release the game earlier and with North American voice acting.

LeShin2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

But that's just it, if this keeps up, you can forget ANY other rpg's like that coming from to Japan to the States. If I was a developer and I found out a game which was delayed but is meant to be still coming out in America was pirated by over a million people, would I then waste money on hiring American voice actors for the game? lol You gotta be kidding me!

Like the editor of the article said, this might of blown any chance of Last Story or any other rpg that may be Japanese exclusive ever getting released in North America.

Eamon2541d ago

Doesn't have to be US voice actors. Just release it in America as well.

Us British have to play almost every game out there with American accents and we're not bothered by it.

It has nothing to do with the developer. It was Nintendo of America's decision not to release the game in US because they feel that jRPGs on Wii don't sell enough in America.

So it leaves Wii owners with 3 options.
1) Import and play with a hacked wii
2) Pirate and play with a hacked wii
3) Not play at all

Obviously the cheapest and easiest option is number 2. If a game isn't in your region nor has plans to be released in your region, it means pirating it won't actually affect anything. Because it was never to be released in your region in the first place. So it's not even a theoretical loss of sale. It's like a teen in Zimbabwe downloading a game; Nintendo doesn't care about that theoretical sale.

And since the Wii you paid a lot of money for has hardly any worthwhile titles, your console is just sitting there all year collecting dust for that one title that's worth playing but it's not sold in your region. Can you blame an American Wii owner for pirating Xenoblade?

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