U.S. PlayStation Store Update - 01/03

US PS BLOG: "Happy New Year and welcome to the first PlayStation Store update for 2012! It’s going to be an exciting year with lots to look forward to on PlayStation Network, so with that said, let’s get to the good stuff."

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cpayne932534d ago

Man, I just got ps+ last month, and I've been able to get 6 psone games for free. That's about a 36 dollar value, but I already had syphon filter 1 so really it's just a 30 dollar value. Plan on getting crysis now too, looks like this ps+ is gonna pay for itself pretty quickly.

just_looken2534d ago

i agree i used to pay $60 for xbl and get hate mail/kids yelling in mics and IM GOING to HACK YOU F UUU crap but on psn i pay $50 and get free games and nice exclusive features.

fei-hung2534d ago

I can't believe they are giving the whole Back to the Future game series for free!!! that reminds me, i still need to complete Sam and Max series. I got 3 more episodes to go through and then I can free up some space on my hard drive for BttF series :p

Dac2u2534d ago

I'm glad I waited on getting Back to the Future, I've been wanting it but have too many games to play atm. Now, I get it with PS+! I was also interested in Swords and Soldiers, I can't wait to play them. These past two months nearly pay for PS+ for me.

hilyou2534d ago

im getting this feeling that why sony chose to give syphon filter 1-3 for free on ps+ is that the gameinformer reveal will be about syphon filter 4, or that their playstaion conference (at last year's they revealed NGP) will reveal syphon filter 4.

Majin-vegeta2534d ago

God i hope your right i use to love setting people on fire with the taser:D.

Emilio_Estevez2533d ago

I can't finish all these games, they are stacking up. Thanks PS Plus and xmas.