The 1UP Show: Devil May Cry 4, Unreal Tournament 3, and Dark Sector

This week, Team 1UP Show takes a look at a couple of games they're anticipating next year and ones they're playing right now.

First up, 1UP check out the PS3 and PC versions of Unreal Tournament 3 with Shawn Elliott and Patrick Klepek. Then, a look at a lesser-known third-person shooter Dark Sector. Matt Leone, Bryan Intihar, and new 1UP Show intern Jay 'Jay Fresh' Frechette discuss the game with the glaive.

Finally, Bryan and Shane Bettenhausen discuss what's in store for fans of the Devil May Cry series with Devil May Cry 4.

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ruibing3817d ago

Hmm I'm actually looking forward to Devil May Cry 4 now. I was afraid of Capcom trying to make it appeal to the masses instead of hardcore fans, but it looks like they did a good balance there.

TheHater3817d ago

agree. I really hope that Capcom don't make this game gears toward the mainstream games, and let us hardware core Devil May Cry fans down.

mikeslemonade3816d ago

Yea this show has really changed my opinions. Dark Sector looks worst than a year ago. I thought it was going to be like Resident Evil 4 with slow pace horror type genre, but now that they made it faster it looks too generic. DMC looks a lot better because we saw this huge monster that moved real fast and big open enviroments that we expect in current gen games. I still like UT3, but I wish they left the option in the game to speed things up like the PC guys get it.

BLuKhaos3816d ago

A ha ha!!! that dude got tricked into watching the video 2girls1cup thinking it was a special video of SF4 lol he got owned.