8 Tips for the Starting Star Wars: The Old Republic Player

The galaxy is a cold, unforgiving place. Plenty of hardworking adventurers like yourself with hearts of gold (and eyes for credits) risk their necks out there every day in the titanic struggle between the Republic and the Sith Empire. Your heroics may go unnoticed or even viewed with malice, while some yokel like Jar Jar Binks in the right place at the right time gets made a senator. Where’s the justice in that? Well, it may not be a fair galaxy, but you’re not without some friends. GR is here to help turn you from daydreaming farmboy to legendary war hero with some pointers to thriving in The Old Republic.

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knifefight2541d ago

I am terribly uninformed about this: is it out of beta? Sorry, I've spent most of the year without a good PC so I've been intentionally ignoring good-looking games for it.

Those days are over! >:)
How is this game?

fluffydelusions2541d ago

It is released and very good imo

stormeagle62541d ago

It's like a mix of WoW gameplay and Bioware storytelling...if that sounds like your thing, I'd suggest checking it out.