2007 Spike Videogame Awards Impressions

Sam Kennedy of 1UP writes:

"I attended the Spike Videogame Awards in Vegas on friday, so I wanted to give you some early impressions before it airs tonight. We'll have some more coverage and some red carpet shenanigans soon, but this should give you a good idea of what to expect from the show.

First off, I'm happy to say that these were by far the best VGAs yet (though if you've read my comments on previous years you know this isn't saying too much). I mean, it's still very much a Spike TV production -- the thing certainly met the network's quota of guns and girls -- so you definitely have to keep that in mind going in".

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TheHater3877d ago

Wait, people actually attend this Award event? WOW...there is something new.

razer3877d ago

That those talentless twats Gamecock had to ruin Ken Levines acceptance speech. I mean they only spent how many years on making the game?? Then you get a chance to thank everyone on the team publicly and to thank the gamers that bought it and some attention whores who deserve no recognition come out and crash the party. Never paid attention to anything they've done and will continue to do so.. So mission failed guys!

I also find it lame that Halo 3 couldn't win an award so they had to buy one with a Mountain Dew sponser. Get the message Bungie, people weren't blown away by Halo 3 and it's less than groundbreaking graphics and campaign. It really was a polished up Halo 2 and you can't buy everyones opinion. I can see why MS let them go, because something needs to change or get shakin up at that company. They've spent so many years "tooting their own horn" that they've been surprassed in graphics and gameplay by many other developers.

I might check the show out.. The only lame B star missing is that "I Love New York" skank so I am not expecting much at all. I am curious to see the comedy aspect of it with the RRoD 360 thing 1up mentioned however.

JokesOnYou3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

I know alot of hype was put into Halo3 but to imply that it wasn't a great game just because its NOT the best looking game out is ridiculous, the game looked great and I think you are buying into the propaganda you read on this site because by and large the gamers who brought the game think its great, the campaign was good and gameplay wise its still imo the best, which is likely why it DID WIN the multiplayer award and thats nothing to be ashamed of when there is so many other great games out now, this year was a great year for gamers. I'm not saying Halo3 should be game of the year, Bio was amazing, COD4 was amazing, and ME has become a personal favorite of mine....and I could imagine how some other games are right up there as well, but that doesn't make me think Halo3 was any less of a game.

Theres so many other great features in Halo3, game saves/replays with "free camera", the forge, online 4 player co-op campaign, balanced weapons, are just a few of things that I love most about the game so while I'll respect anybody's opinion that Halo wasn't anything special in *their opinion I totally disagree and I think the fact that its still getting so much online play and STILL selling very well is a testament to Bungie's hardwork in making a game so enjoyable to the masses....The mountain dew award is just a sponsor/advertiser award, no one takes that seriously, but I think for sure that Halo3's multiplayer deserved the award and gamers just love taking pics of some of those "killer" moments in Halo3 multiplayer and screens like this show the fun to be had.


dinkeldinkse3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

"I think you are buying into the propaganda you read on this site."What the hell are you talking about there is like 10 people on this site that have ripped on halo 3,myself included,nowhere near enough people to get somebody to buy into it. There is way too many fanboys, on both sides, to persuade them otherwise, so I don't know why you made that comment.

About half of those 10 people have already posted on here.

khellendros13877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Umm...isn't Bioshock a shooter? So how could COD4 get best shooter but Bioshock get game of the year. And how did Orange Box get breakthrough technology? I'm confused.

Skerj3877d ago

My only guess for Orange Box getting breakthrough technology would be Portal, but that's still a stretch seeing as the Source engine has been out for years.

Jammaniaclord3877d ago

I watched the very first show, and it was SOOOOOOO lame. Too much music, and people not involved in videogames stealing airtime for games that could be honored, and it looks like nothings changed. Nothing but a cash whore of a show. G4 tv is about the equivalent much promise, and it's barely a damn games related program. Shame.

Skerj3877d ago

That's why I'm glad they changed E3, it was becoming the same gaudy Hollywood crapfest that these awards shows are.

Bladestar3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

The Game of the year for the second year is again on the xbox 360.

They need to limit the number of PS3 ads... was getting annoying already...

Danja3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

and you need to start using "SPELL CHECK"..more often it's spelt *annoying*..

and check your first sentence I see a major error in it

btw dude you seriously watched this xbots seriously have too much time on your hands..!!!


im gonna assume ur addressig where in my POST did I hate on any 360 games or even mentioned anything about Halo 3 or complain about any PS3 games not winning buttloads of awards ???

ohhh so because Spike TV is crap and I don't watch it im not a true gamer...dude take a look at the Categories and the games nominated in them and you will see why this show is a joke...!!

and I aint no troll idiot last time I checked this was Multi-plat news....and I don't go into every 360 post spamming unlike some need to mention I think im no attention seeking*virgin* either

foki3877d ago

Dude your so far up your own ass all you can see is bullshit the PS3 only won the best"PS3" game nothing else the rest where all 360 exclusive games bioshock got game of the year halo 3 got best multiplayer and nominated for "breakthrough technology" Actually the game of the year category had only 360 exclusive games excluding orange box. If you were a true gamer then you wouldn't actually hate any video game company or show unnecessary bias. You act as this arrogant ass wipe who thinks that people care about douchbagery but in reality your a sad lonely attention wanting virgin that has nothing better to do but to troll. Get a life.

dinkeldinkse3877d ago

Bladestar is just as bad as Danja so STFU. Oh,wait how about all three of you STFU.

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