When will we get to play The Last Guardian?

DOG: With its director and producer no longer working at Sony, what does it mean for The Last Guardian, Ryan wonders, and when will we get to play it?

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Dungus2390d ago

So bored of The Last Guardian already. They announce these things way too far in advance. No need whatsoever.

rezzah2390d ago

You'll probably still want to play it when it comes out.

I am a huge fan of this developer's games.

As much I want to play this game I understand it isn't coming out soon so why should I spend my days thinking about it?

This is probably what you did and it made you get tired of waiting. So what you should do is learn to forget until when it comes out.

fei-hung2390d ago

Bored of The LAst Guardian? SO you have already played it have you?

Or did you mean tired of hearing about the game and various issues or stories which surround it?

Or bored of it because you do not find the game interesting in which case you were never interested in it.

Or bored of waiting for the damn thing to be released?

BABY-JEDI2390d ago

This is a very SAD story of a perfectionist wanting to be a perfectionist. There is no such thing as perfection, get over it & release the game before I start crying : (