Video Marketplace Comes To Canada: Q&A With Microsoft Boss

Jade: Okay, Scott ... here's the question that's been on everyone's mind: When will Canadians be able to download content from the Video Store on Xbox Live Marketplace?

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Rhezin3422d ago

They should be able to. Our great neighbors from the north should have the same opportunities as us.

"Freeedom isn't free, no there's a hefty f!cking fee."

Surviver3422d ago

There is no reason it shudda taken MS to do this... it is the exact same, rrgh, glad its finally here tho, i want tv shows!

BRubble3422d ago

Great! so now you can all download a bunch of super sh!tty movies that you probably wouldnt even rent, for far too much money. Oh and when the RRoD shows up, they will all be lost as they wont play on the refurb that you get in return.