This Brutally Cute Skyrim Mod Shouldn’t Have a Sword

Ask any fan of virtual idol Miku Hatsune. It should have a leek. The character, who always carries a leek, is huge in Japan, and Toyota is even using Miku to sell cars in the West.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is getting a whole host of character mods for its PC version. Previously, Kotaku showed the Final Fantasy XIII Lightning skin, the Spider-Man mod, and the Link one.

In the above video, watch as Miku unleashes a slow-motion kill. As previously mentioned, too bad she's not wielding a leek!

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Snookies122456d ago

Hahaha yeah... That's the Dragonborn right there!

kaelix2456d ago

I used to be a cute anime dragonborn... but then i took an arrow to the knee

Snookies122456d ago

I will carve out your eyes with a handmade SPATULA!!! ALL CAPS RAGE!!!! Nah, arrow in the knee jokes don't bother me, they're just kinda lame lol.

Fylus2456d ago

Kaelix, I should sue you for the eye rape I just received from your comment. Old meme is old.


kaelix2456d ago

lol i kno i just love the reactions ppl get from it and

@ dragonknight: that video was the cause of me wanting to do the meme haha