Gamer Rage

A quick look at the rage gamers feel and a few things to help stop you from breaking your controller.

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JLesinski2452d ago

There has been many a time when I have felt like throwing my controller and/or xbox against the wall

Elimin82452d ago

Boy was I close to doing that last night to ICO 2hr trophy.. Jesus was Yorda annoying.. Wouldn't follow commands and...... Oh let me stop.. I'm done with it now but I almost smash my DS3 I'll say that much.. And I have rarely if ever felt this way before...

xxxAnubisxxx2452d ago

I think this happens more on Xbox than PC or PS3 because Xbox fanboys are notoriously young and obnoxious. There are bad apples everyone, but I think it's worst on the 360.

brown0092452d ago

It's all of those 12 year old kids that camp and think they're tough because they went 9-1 in a game. Get some skills.

sonicsidewinder2452d ago

I just had a 2 second gamer rage.

Homeworld crashed on me about 10 mins after capturing a Taiidan carrier.

Gahh angry mode! xD

DBLDeathDealer2452d ago

I gotta be honest, I prefer breaking a controller every once in awhile. Just makes me feel better. I usually taunt the controller afterwords!

ViralAyatane2452d ago

It's fun to break controllers, however that's only if you have spares or the money to get a new one.

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