One of These Things is Not Like the Other - Retailers Confuse Customers

It's happened to all of us. You go into a store wanting more information on a certain product, find a sales rep, ask your question, and you feel like you know more than he or she does. This is especially the case with those of us that do our homework before hand. NewsPail's Jim Greene thinks the game industry is one of the more affected products of this. With all the different options for different systems, the average consumer can be left in the dust. Hell, even the staff at the Pail feel confused sometimes.

Jim decided to call up some retailers and see what confusion he could find...

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Hagaf223877d ago

.... no not really, we all know that game stores and retail stores know nothing....

Lacarious3877d ago

As if this is something new... maybe this guy is new to the digital world?

Young Capwn3877d ago

i work at target, and i know everything...

and i try to steer my guests away from 360 lol

but not all target employees have my smarts tho...

I also believe MOST gamestop stores have smart employees.

ironwolf3877d ago

That tells me right off the bat your not the brightest bulb on the tree.

jaja14343877d ago

haha, and for someone working in retail you should know your job isn't to steer someone away from a product. Its to tell them the pro's and con's of the product. Your job is to assist them in what to buy, not tell them what to buy. But I don't really expect the common guy in a red vest being paid 8$ an hour to understand that. Actually all I really expect him to do is shut up and unlock the case when I ask him to.

RelloC3877d ago

"i work at target, and i know everything... "
--- you're a self-admitting douche.

"Actually all I really expect him to do is shut up and unlock the case when I ask him to."
--- couldn't agree more bunny man.

EHILL3877d ago

As a manager for EB/STOP the company tries to keep us in the know about certain products. The best info however comes from simply doing a little research yourself AND don't forget the customers. Regulars will come back in and usually provide the best info about their experiences.

EZCheez3877d ago

To other customers when I'm around. However, I refuse to be that nerd that chimes in every time with "actually" or "well."

The only time I ever said anything to another customer in Gamestop was when I saw a dad picking up Lair for his son who was standing right beside him. I just couldn't stand there and watch something that horrible happen.

aba3877d ago

So did he buy it anyway?

Fade_Walker3877d ago

Just even as a game advisor I have more knowledge then our managers, and most of the time I’m informing them before we get our emails. Even when i was just a regular I would come in with the info.

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