Exclusive: Zen Studios has big plans for 2012

"Earlier today, XBLA Fans received an email from none other than Mel Kirk, VP of Marketing and Public Relations over at Zen Studios. Thanks to Mel, we have learned a lot about Zen’s plans for the upcoming year – and there are a truckload of them. First off, Mel has confirmed what we guessed at in our reveal of the Hulk pinball table – a new Marvel 4-pack. He also promises some additional individual DLC tables for Pinball FX 2 and “something BIG, HUGE, AMAZING for Fall 2012″, though no word on what that could be yet."

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cain1412388d ago

I can't wait for more Marvel Pinball!

Yi-Long2387d ago

... kinda depends on which characters they'll have.

I'd like a bit more diversity though, so not JUST Marvel stuff, but branch out into some different pop-culture geek stuff, like maybe a cool Spongebob table, or some Shonen/anime tables, etc etc.

optimus2387d ago

i'm crossing my fingers for a south park table similar to the real one from 10 yrs ago. or a beavis and butt-head table.