PlayStation Plus Perks For January Revealed

This month’s spotlight free PSN Game is none other than Telltale’s Back to the Future The Game – Full Series. All of the episodes from this acclaimed adventure game are available for you to download starting with the January 3rd PlayStation Store update. We’re also including PSN Game Sword and Soldiers with tomorrow’s update. This side-scrolling strategy game lets you control an entire army while wielding devastating magical abilities.

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BitbyDeath2541d ago

Hawt, i love PS Plus. I hope Europe gets all these same games.

Ducky2541d ago

I never managed to get my hands on SyphonFilter2, so this'll be a good opportunity to go back in time.

Jobesy2541d ago

Been waiting for B2TF to drop in price. No excuses now : )

- satisfied PS+ subscriber

MrBeatdown2540d ago

Not crazy about these particular games, but $10.49 for Crysis is awesome.

moparful992540d ago

been a plus subscriber since launch and happily so.. I was really really timid about paying for plus but the +3 month bonus for signing up early got me.. I've downloaded sooo much free stuff since I subscribed plus all of the betas I've been a part of has been well worth the price of entry... Can't wait to see what kind of amazing content is on offer this year..