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webbsod1608d ago

i am a proud PS Plus user
yepp we pay for PSN!

Serjikal_Strike1606d ago

Anyone know if Back to the Future is worth downloading?

thoughts on whoever's played it?

Soldierone1606d ago

I like it, but a stereotypical casual or COD player won't like it. Your basically thinking and making decisions, not shooting or jumping on ledges.

Anyone else interested in it without Plus, Walmart has the physical version of it for 20 bucks. All episodes included.

DigitalRaptor1606d ago

Download the first episode and see for yourself.

Episode 1 has been free as a demo for ages, I would say it's worth it. I'm enjoying it so far!

PLAYER50951606d ago

i was a proud ps+ user but then it came.... the end of my membership and BAM there goes all my "free" games. i probably sign up again later.

camel_toad1606d ago

Ive been slightly interested in the back to the future games but not enough to buy em but now I get em for free. It pays to pay.

user77927881606d ago

SONAVA!! i just brought Syphon Filter 3 days ago!! FML

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