Wii Zapper Saps the Fun From Shooting Games

Wired's Chris Kohler reviews the Wii Zapper and writes that "the Zapper actually makes Wii's shooting games less fun." Here's the conclusion in his review:

"The problem is that while Nintendo promises the Zapper will 'steady your hand and improve your aim,' it actually has the opposite effect. The Wiimote's basic pointer technology lends itself especially well to shooting games, and the Wii Zapper improves nothing. In fact, hauling a heavier, gun-shaped plastic contraption around with both hands only weighs you down and makes it harder to hold your aim steady.

There's really no compelling reason to turn the Wiimote into a light gun -- the standard remote works better without the accessory. Held in one hand, the Wiimote lets you blow away targets with pinpoint accuracy using very subtle, small wrist movements."

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PS360WII3878d ago

Well yes and no. Wii Zapper for Ghost Squad awesome. Wii Zapper for RE:UC bad. Wii Zapper for Links Crossbow Training good. Umm that's it so far right 3 light gun games. Not bad 2/3 work great with the Wii Zapper. Haven't tried it yet with MOH2 though.

v1c1ous3877d ago

how do people aim with it? its too sensitive

Prismo_Fillusion3877d ago

I anchor it on my left hand or on my knee. Learned that technique from Trauma Center, where I needed the precision.

KidMakeshift3877d ago

There's only one real way to play wii games and that's having the wiimote sticking out of your pants while you pretend to ejaculate on the the tv. I'll leave the nunchuk up to your imagination.

KeiZka3877d ago

Very mature. Howabout you quit these lousy jokes, hmm?

wiizy3877d ago

why is that.. cause its not hardcore enough. it dont come with real bullets so some clown can go shoot up a mall....the wii will win no matter what. and i have the zapper and it works well

jinn3876d ago

shift over to the xbox360 triggers to feel the realism