New Silent Hill V Screenshots

Konami have released some "new" screenshots of what we've seen in recent scans. It looks as though they have turned the contrast up a bit for some reason, so these shots are probably not a representative of the what the game should look like, judging from every other video/screenshot we've seen.

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INehalemEXI3904d ago

Screen shot 5 is a giant sn4tch on the wall.....

Prismo_Fillusion3904d ago

Actually it's screenshot 4! But does it surprise you that much? There are often explicit sexual references in Silent Hill games.

smirx3904d ago

Is it just me or does that guy in the screens look like Drake? Oh yeah, and that snatch is gross.

gamesblow3904d ago

Looks played out. Looks like Ps2 versions, only in hd now. Gameplay will no doubt be unchanged and still control like a tank. How very lame. Add all the bump mapping and lighting you want... The game isn't going to break ground by being just like the others.

We get it already.. Spooky town... Fog... scary things happen. Little girls skipping around and coloring S#IT... It's old. Like all american horror movies being released.

Counter_ACT3904d ago

The battle system has changed completely, watch the 1UP Preview.

jaja14343904d ago

As opposed to what? The same old shooter where somehow your a demigod and only you and 4 other guys can save the world? Or pretty much any RPG with the exact same point as above except that its combat is just different.

How about racing games? Nothing new there for quite sometime. I mean really all you do is drive around in circles, how can that be fun?

So pretty much I ask, what the hell are you looking for?

EZCheez3904d ago

And Silent Hill never will. Sometime games are great they way they are, and all they need is a new plot and better graphics. Heck, that's what most games are essentially.

Silent Hill 5 better not change, or else it will have lost two hardcore fans (the wife and I).

Prismo_Fillusion3904d ago

Exactly EZCheese. You look forward to new Silent Hill games for 2 reasons:
1. They scare the sh*t out of you.
2. New storylines.

The gameplay doesn't matter at all compared to those two things. At least in my opinion.

jaja14343904d ago

I wouldn't say they really scare you, or at least me. There have only been 2 times that I have been scared in a game enough to either lunge my mouse/controller across the room. The first being Resident Evil when that stupid dog jumps through that window, yea you know the one. And the second being in Fear when you go down the ladder and that freaky girl is standing in front of you. Oh yea I sent my mouse flying there, which I'm not really to proud to admit. :(

KidMakeshift3904d ago

The character should know martial arts and have 3 fighting stances. Or use breakdance moves like Eddy from Tekken.

TheExecutive3904d ago

ez- you are 100% correct. I NEVER get scared about much, I have never been scarred of a movie, but SH's are different... it really immerses you. I love SH the way it is, give me better graphics, BETTER SOUND, and a new plot and I will love SH5 to death.

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Rhezin3904d ago

Hey blowgames, who the f!ck cares. Silent Hill will always be there for die hard fans like me. Personally I don't care if the game has jaggies up the ass or lighting BS, f that, ITS SILENT HILL.

protekjv3904d ago

Amen............well said

Shaka2K63904d ago

Simply i dont see my self playing a horror game on the xbug 360 controler, it sucks.

Prismo_Fillusion3904d ago

I'm a little worried about the larger focus on combat in this game, and the stuff they took from the movie. I'm thinking they may have thought if they made similar changers the the RE series have made, it may turn into better sales. But hopefully this retains the same spook as earlier games. The fact that the monsters can now open up doors is pretty scary. Graphics look good to me!

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