The Biggest Disappointments of 2011: A Story of Gaming Tragedies

GamingUnwrapped Writer Ryan "Rdawg" T. Says - "2011 was such a strange year in the gaming industry, and I’m sure a lot of people will agree. There were so many highs, but to compliment that, it was also full of its share of blunders. While we had one of the best holiday seasons that has ever been recorded (releases wise), there was a lot of crap that we had to wade through to make it to the end of the year. Lets take a look back, and see some of the things that went wrong this year. I am always up for a good laugh, and maybe some unintentional name calling (isn’t everyone?)!

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Baka-akaB2541d ago

"I think we can all say that Dead Island did not deliver what this trailer seemed to portray to us. "

That's on the guys silly enough to expect it . You were used to CGi for years and suddenly for some unknown zombie game you got such expectations ?

nolifeking2541d ago

Most CGI trailers actually convey the type of game and the tone the game is going for. I don't really remember another trailer that betrayed the actual game so badly.

Baka-akaB2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Most actually dont . Does street fighter games cgi trailer even remotely looks like the final game , and i'm not just talking about graphical fidelity ? nope .

If you're going to replay that at least they are still fighting in those vids , well you still got people attacked by zombies .

And that's just a random example . From what i remember , it is essentially ingame rendered cutscenes that tone things down a bit , and at least still look in spirit like the game

nolifeking2541d ago

A bad random example considering SF is a known commodity and they never try and make an emotional impact.

Baka-akaB2541d ago

Not at all a bad example , it's how most games do cgi . You know very well i could have picked something else .

Matrix2k2541d ago

"the 3DS’s poor performance still puts a bad stain on the year,"


The 3ds has had the greatest year ever in terms of first year fiscal sales of almost any system in history with the best library of first and third party games nintendo has ever had in the first fiscal year

14+ million units worldwide and counting.

Jdoki2541d ago

For me, although it really pains me to say it, Uncharted 3 SP was the biggest disappointment for me.

ND are masters at using story telling techniques and creating fun characters and phenomenal graphics, but the story itself was dull. It was obvious how it was going to play out from the first couple of levels.

xX-Jak-Xx2540d ago

biggest disappointment for me is Battlefield 3
i though its gonna be blast
but BC2,BC1,BF2 are much better in sounds and more fun
BF3 seems Rushed

mike1up2540d ago

No Operation Rainfall? Not having Xenoblade this year absolutely crushed me.