Uncharted 2 Or Jak PS3: Which Naughty Dog Game Do You Want To See Next?

Naughty Dog has currently expressed plans to create both an Uncharted sequel and a Jak and Dakster title for the PlayStation 3, but no one knows which title they will strike first with. Our question to you: which would you want to see by Naughty Dog first?

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PS360WII3871d ago

Easy call. Uncharted 2 ftw

predator3871d ago

i havent even finnished it yet and i say uncharted 2. hey ps360wii i wonder if you could answer my blu ray question in the forum?

Bonsai12143871d ago

an new ip using an improved version of the uncharted engine.

if thats not possible, then uncharted 2. i never got into the jak games

marinelife93871d ago

Just finished it. Uncharted DEFINITELY!

Crazyglues3870d ago

That's not even a Question for me: Uncharted 2

LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL3870d ago

300k sales FTL

W A I T B 3 Y O N D

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vloeistof3871d ago

jak4 and after that uncharted 2

Anego Montoya FTMFW3871d ago

i wanta see another JAK, first.

Uncharted is the GOTY, but GREAT cartoonish action/platformers are rare now a days.

I don`t wanta wait for RC:FTOD 2 to play one.

gaffyh3871d ago

Uncharted is good, but I want a new Jak & Daxter, it was my favourite platformer for PS2 (the first one, the other 2 weren't that good)

mithril3870d ago

yes, Jak & Daxter and after Uncharted, one reason, many Jak & Daxter fan on PS2 comming to Ps3.

Shankle3871d ago

A next gen version of the original crash team racing!

sonarus3871d ago

hopefully they can get an insomniac like groove goin where they are dropping games on a yrly basis jst keep making games and optimizing your engine and keeping us gamers happy.

THE_JUDGE3870d ago

They should do Uncharted 2 or a new I.P.