The Humble Indie Bundle: Reasons to Buy, Things to Think About

Chris Ross writes: Hoping to strike up some conversation with the fellow Cerebral Pop writers, I emailed everyone asking for their thoughts on the ubiquitous Humble Indie Bundle for a roundtable discussion. Much to my surprise, not many of the staff had purchased any of the bundles. Some said the only have access to a Mac; others were skeptical of the frequency of these bundles; and others voiced concerns that it has turned into a sort of elitist club for indie games.

All of these are completely valid arguments against purchasing the bundle.

However, I’d like to impose some arguments for purchasing the bundle, even if you don’t plan on playing any of the games.

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THR1LLHOUSE2452d ago

I've bought all of the Humble Bundles except one, and they've all had Mac versions (except for maybe one game).

I paid $15 for the last one and gave it all to charity so I could feel good about myself...Really, is there any other reason to give to charity?