180° South Park RPG Screenshots Look Exactly Like the Show

The thing that immediately strikes us about these screenshots is that they look exactly like stills from the show. Considering the show is made to look like it was cut out from colored paper, that may not seem that impressive, but it looks a hell of a lot better than any previous South Park game ever has (much less most licensed-from-a-cartoon drivel).

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Rainstorm812267d ago

NOt surprised, Cel shading hit a new high this gen, just look at the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games.

It wouldve unacceptable if it looked any different from the show

Captain Qwark 92267d ago

true, anyway i want to see some videos of this game. even though i have already decided 100% that im buying it day 1

NukaCola2267d ago

This game looks so rediculous I just have to get it. Also the graphics have a nice polish and look to them as if it's the show in full HD. After the brilliance of the cartoony RAYMAN, I do hopw this title can be in 1080p @ 60FPS. That would be pretty stellar.

archemides5182267d ago

this game looks INCREDIble.....potential GOTY material