PS Vita (3G/WiFi) & Pre-Order Bonus £244 in GameStop

For the first post of the new year here at PSER, i’ve been scouting the web for some awesome Pre-Order deals for the upcoming PlayStation Vita. I feel I have very well much succeeded not only dropped the price from £279 to £244 but also still getting the Pre-order Bonus package with it! Earlier today I contacted GameStop as I couldn’t believe my eyes of the price they we’re selling the 3G model of the PS Vita for £244.

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Kurisu2388d ago

They are undercutting by a pretty big margin. Only £14 more expensive than the wi-fi only model (with their wi-fi only model being £20 less than RRP). This is definitely a good deal. If I hadn't pre-ordered a wi-fi only model and already saved up money on a gift card then I would consider purchasing this.

resistance1002388d ago

Good deal. But never brought from Gamestop before and i hear they want the payment upfront.

Rather just play it safe with Shopto, where i know i will get it on launch day

Kurisu2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I've never bought from GameStop, either. Tbh until I read this I didn't even know they had stores open in the UK! I've pre-ordered mine in store at GAME, as I don't really like buying hardware online.

Not long to go now, Resistance :)

resistance1002388d ago

Yep. Just a shame the waiting game is the worse part

Optical_Matrix2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Nah they have no stores open. Though that may change because I don't like how Gamestation and GAME dominate the high street with their filthy prices. HMV too. I'm gonna keep my Pre-order with Shopto. Most games this year I've got 1-2 days early and they got my 3DS to me a day before launch as well.

I'm sure a similar thing will happen with PS Vita. They also have the Memory Cards up for pre-order on their site now. 4GB Memory Card costs a mere £16. I have a 16GB on pre-order for £39.99

Also for those who don't know the 32GB will not be launching in the UK.

fluffydelusions2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I don't know about UK but here in US I think for Vita you only have to put down $50 upfront to preorder.

Studio-YaMi2388d ago

have mine pre-ordered already on amazon,but what i hate is the fact that they haven't added the 32 gigs memory card for pre-order and that pisses me off ! =.= ..

bub162387d ago

if your from the UK. we wont be getting the 32 gb card, i suggest waiting for a 3rd party memory card

MasterCornholio2388d ago

I have mine preordered from game. What i hate is that i cant reserve the memory cards yet since the big ones will sell out at launch as in Japan.

This generation im going digital so 4 to 8 gigs isn't enough for me.

Ddouble2387d ago

They charge straight away so i can't pre-order. I would have pre-ordered if i had the money currently. Hopefully this deals lasts or amazon matches it.

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