EA Publisher Sale Discounts Xbox Live Games and DLC By Up To 50%

EA has started off 2012 right by offering discounts on some of their top Xbox Live games and DLC. The sale is expected to end on January 9th, so make sure you pick up what you want right now!

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TrendyGamers2539d ago

I'm definitely going to check out Dead Space 2: Severed. I totally missed it when it came out.

Yi-Long2539d ago

When you download Battlefield Bad Company 2 from Games on Demand, it comes WITHOUT the VIP-PASS!

So, it might seem like a good deal, but if you want all the maps, they still want you to shell out extra cash. You're probably better off buying the game retail, so you get the VIP-pass included!

Oh, EA and greed: When will you 2 part ways!?

3GenGames2539d ago

You misspelled all companies in your last sentence.

xVeZx2539d ago

burnout crash and shank are tempting....i dont know though....

TrendyGamers2539d ago

Download the demo for Burnout because it isn't anything like the console versions. As for Shank, it is worth it.

Yi-Long2539d ago

... but personally I'll just have a little patience and wait for Shank 2 to be released.