Kojima Productions to develop “a couple of other projects” alongside Project Ogre

Kojima Productions’ is working away on Project Ogre, its still to be officially announced, FOX Engine-based, open-world game, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work on additional side projects at the same time – like it’s doing with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in cooperation with Platinum Games.

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Ultr2535d ago

ZOE!! bring it on! :)

Kain812535d ago

I think its more like a Cooperation, like Catlevania: LoS 2...

solidboss2535d ago

interesting, i would love to see a sequel to LOS. the story was awesome

Matrix2k2535d ago

ew no that game was god of war meets bad

ThichQuangDuck2535d ago

I have never played Zone of Enders but am considering since I got a PS2 again and want a good mech game

MoDyDo2535d ago

There's an HD collection coming for PS3 and Xbox 360 next year, so it's better to wait for it

ThichQuangDuck2535d ago


Thanks for reminding me, I forgot that got announced same time as MGS HD collection. I am excited to play ZOE and hope they announce a new one with this new engine

MoDyDo2535d ago

U'r welcome, I've only played the second part and I can't wait to play the first

Ultr2535d ago

oooh second part is the best ever!! Though I enjoyed the first one greatly for its story, but gameplay wise it turned a bit boring after a while. still a GREAT game!!!

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MasterCornholio2535d ago

Can't wait for the Z.O.E HD collection on the Vita plus maybe a new Z.O.E game as well.


Matrix2k2535d ago

honestly I dont expect much of anything

BABY-JEDI2535d ago

YES... I'm expecting project wood nymph & troll next, & maybe little leprechaun if we'r lucky