IGN: Devil May Cry 4 Sneak Peek

This weekend at the New York Anime Fest, ADV Films and Capcom celebrated the upcoming release of the Devil May Cry anime as well as the debut of the new videogame Devil May Cry 4 with a special screening and Q&A for fans.

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DarkSniper3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

This game will look fantastic on only on the Sony PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment Console.


iceice1233632d ago

But enjoy the flushed out colors and faulty framerate. But then again you're use to that.

ruibing3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Though I don't think there's a reason to start an argument again, I must remind you that the game did begin development on the PS3 and will run equally well on both consoles. But you really should stop faulting the PS3 because of sub-standard developers.

supercharged3632d ago

no need to start fight man. im sure the game will be great on both platform

Eamon3632d ago

Please shut the f*ck up. You are just starting another console war over nothing.

The anime is crap. I watched it in japanese. There is no storyline but rather single "missions." Only the last two episodes are linked together. There are only about 3 or 4 really good eps.

Is Dante's voice actor going to be in the anime though?

ruibing3632d ago

You know the 360 is going to get a good version as well, Capcom is a solid developer. There is no need to insult the anime for the game.