Levine: if you charge $60 for a game it needs to be "really special"

OXM UK: "Irrational Games boss Ken Levine has backed up Cliff Bleszinski's hair-raising assessment that "the triple-A game might be going away", arguing that $60 titles need to be "amazing" nowadays if they're to turn a profit."

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Evolve2385d ago

You damn right man, you damn right

Yi-Long2385d ago

... too many mediocre games are getting released at full price, and non-surprisingly, they have a hard time selling, so they quickly get discounted.

It's better to just be a little less greedy and release such games at a lower price, hopefully benefitting from many gamers who see the value-for-money in that and buying it.

The same goes for alot of games on PSN/XBLA as well. Too many are released for 15 dollars, while not worth it.

Spydiggity2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

there are also a lot of 5 hour games that sell well because ppl are somehow brainwashed into paying 60 dollars for em. i can think of a few from this past year that not only were short, but were crap, and still broke a few million.

Lazy_Sunday2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

I thought I'd be buying 6+ games for Holiday 2011. I bought Skyrim for PC. That's it.

My brother bought MW3, Skyrim, and Battlefield 3 for PS3 which we played on Thanksgiving Break when I was home--none of which I was really 'that' impressed with. I expected more of BF3, especially more of MW3, and Skyrim on PS3 is a bit of a disappointment--especially since Skyrim is a relatively CPU heavy game and because it uses the GPU for certain things instead of the CPU, you can tell it wasn't ported correctly. Skyrim needs work, CoD needs much, much more, and BF3 wasn't bad, but the campaign wasn't excellent. Maybe the PC version shows more promise.

ShaunCameron2385d ago

@ Spydiggity

Or people deem it interesting enough to buy. Not everybody enjoys playing games that take forever to finish. To them, a 5-10 hour game is more than adequate.

lorianguy2385d ago

That's exactly what I was going to say :D

solar2385d ago

I have no interest in PSV but when i saw $50 for some games my jaw hit the floor. And yes the price to entertainment value is out of whack this gen.

Crazyglues2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Yeah the real problem is wack games cost the same as really hot games so then it just comes down to the consumer being smarter with what they buy..

A Game like Bioshock Infinite -No doubt in my mind that game will be worth the money.. They are pushing the envelope to new levels and making games you will love playing...

So these days go hard or go home... These developers really have to make epic games if you want the sales numbers to follow..


egidem2385d ago

Couldn't agree more with Levine. Sadly, there are lots of games that fail to do this. They're just in to make a quick $59.99 bucks every single year.

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dirigiblebill2385d ago

...or at the very least, it needs to work out of the box, not be stuffed full of content I can't access without forking out extra, and not be the same game I played last year.

ElliePage2385d ago

And not be a game that's filled with content but takes you forever to finish because it runs at 10 fps.

Matrix2k2385d ago

charge 60, make sure your costs are lower. Bingo

SolidGear32385d ago

Anything Ken Levine delivers, I'll gladly pay $60 on launch day :)

yog-sothot2385d ago

Indeed, Ken Levine and the people at Irrational Games are definitely very talented people

egidem2385d ago

Agreed - BioShock is the perfect example I would say. That game just has a special place in my h...hh....HARD DRIVE!

NoobJobz2385d ago

I agree. I am seeing less and less games that are actually worth the full price. This is exactly why each year, I keep buying less games and just end up renting. I think I only bought 5 games this year, which is easily a record for me. I used to buy multiple games a month. I am not a huge fan of sports games being $60. A lot of times they change little to nothing and are putting out nearly the same games.

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