What to play in January

Clickonline writes: 'The video game is a rare creature this January. Or at least the decent video game is. So much so, I found myself compelled to pinch from February in order to compile this short list. Thrice!'

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DiRtY2514d ago

how about all those games from december?!

Baka-akaB2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Soul calibur V , FFXIII-2

"Full disclosure, I’ve always viewed the ‘Soul’ games as wasted potential. To me, it seems a poor man’s Street Fighter, but with swords and spears. It should be a taught simulation on weapon combat. It’s far from it!

Where combat should centre around blocking, evading, parrying and that one critical, fatal, ending strike, instead it focuses on juggling combos and shrugging off mortal wounds.

But apparently the rest of the world disagrees so I’ll just keep my trap shut!"

What ? Yeah better to do that . Got barely anything to do with street fighter (and indeed less deep but not every fighting game got to be that hardcore ) , and minus the realism and death blow you wish for , everything mentioned is there .

Optical_Matrix2513d ago

I'm at a lost for words that he would even compare the game to Street Fighter. They're nothing a like. By his logic all fighting games are a poor mans Street Fighter. I'd argue that SC has higher production values anyway.

OT: Resident Evil Revelations is my January game. Plus I haven't started Assassins Creed Revelations or Xenoblade yet. SC 5 and FFXIII-2 aren't out in Europe until February 3rd.