Kotaku's Brian Crecente: "Adieu"

Brian Crecente writes, "After writing 11,296 stories for Kotaku I find myself at a loss for words as I write this, my last for the site."

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TurretKiller2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Funny how on the entire Gawker network people seem to be leaving, some well known, others nobody seems to know have gone...they should have never changed the layout on the site, I think the new design hit them the hardest.

I think it's going down hill for them and people are leaving while they can. Just my opinion anyway

Andronix2418d ago

It used to be one of the sites I visited daily. However the redesign was horrendous. Comically bad because it made it hard to read, and hard to find articles. The fact that they now offer readers a choice on how to view it shows they are not sure what is best.

Mostly bias, and poor fact checking but with occasionally great in depth pieces. But they currently have a 'feature' comment on whether they like a game or not without having played it.

I hope New editor Stephen makes some good changes and I will give it another try.

MasFlowKiller2418d ago

Brian Crecente is whats wrong with this Media, am not sad to hear this at all

Megaton2418d ago

Good riddance. I think another Kotaku stooge just moved over to GameTrailers. Might be some big changes coming within Gawker.

vitz32418d ago

*Does happy dance*
Agreed. Crecente was a complete douche. His "stories" were akin to Faux New's overblown hype, lies and bullshit. I'm glad he's gone. I MAY start actually clicking Kotaku links in the near future. One day the collective IQ of the internet will jump up a few points when Crecente stops writing. See ya later chump, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

morganfell2418d ago Show
Pozzle2418d ago

Now can they get rid of the guy who writes those useless "LOL isn't Japan weird? This has nothing to do with gaming, let's all laugh at Japan cos they're weird!" articles.

bligmerk2418d ago

That is Brian Ashcraft or bashcraft. The weird thing about him is he has a japanese wife, lives and works for a japanese publishing company and all he seems to do at kotaku is dig up every pervert corner of the japanese pr0n market. Wow, the japanese have a pr0n market, how weird, so weird he has to dig into every nook, cranny, bar girl and prostitute. Kraptaku is more descriptive.

Pozzle2418d ago

Very true. I wouldn't mind the Japanese culture articles if they were actually about Japanese culture. But he seems to come up with any excuse to talk about Japanese porn, irrelevant and little-known popstars (like that girl who puts cats heads in her mouth), or transsexuals...even if they have nothing to do with gaming. It gives off such a negative and weird perception of Japan, when the country itself isn't really like that at all. Sure it has it's share of weird shit, but it's not the strange porn and transsexual filled kooky land that Kotaku makes it seem.

Baka-akaB2418d ago

Maybe Kotaku will be worth reading then , but i'm not holding my breath , with that horrible layout and some mediocre writers still around

jeeves862418d ago

The thing is, Kotaku doesn't always call themselves a gaming website. They claim that they focus more on culture rather than on gaming, yet a lot of times they fall back on their gaming website lineage. I don't read it particularly because of their fascination with all things Japan. I totally understand that people like Japan, but these guys seem to poke at it just because people know weird stuff happens in Japan.

The new EiC is planning to make Kotaku 'the place to go for gaming news.' Well let's see if that pans out.

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