Microsoft Launch Xbox Timeline to Celebrate New Year

Microsoft have launched a timeline charting the significant events in the Xbox’s history, from the introduction of first-person shooters to the console generation with Halo, to online gaming over Xbox LIVE and more recently transforming the way people interact with technology through Kinect.

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Bundi2148d ago

How about launching a new IP instead?

GraveLord2148d ago

Why all the disagrees?
So people are happy with having no exclusives on 360? They're happy with only multiplats?

kevco332148d ago

I actually think this is a really interesting little presentation. Seeing how much gaming as a technology has changed along with the culture...

from the beach2148d ago

Yeah, it's full of interesting details too. Nuts and Bolts was released to mark 10 year anniversary of Banjo Kazooie - wonder how long it'll be until the next one..

jwk942148d ago

How about launching this timeline in anticipation for the successor?

kevco332148d ago

Agreed. Maybe I should've added the 'Next-Gen' tag too? ;)

Mikefizzled2148d ago

Is it just me or is the link on Electronic Theatre broken?

kevco332148d ago

It's just you. The timeline doesn't work with older versions of browsers however, so you might need to update.

Mikefizzled2148d ago

Hmm doesn't work on chrome but Internet explorer seems fine. Bubbles anyway kevco

kevco332148d ago

Thanks! Hope you like it! :)