Japanese Stores Can’t Move Ridge Racer Vita

The newest Ridge Racer is an underwhelming game, incredibly light on out-of-the-box content in return for being a lot cheaper than other Vita titles. In Japan, the digital version goes for 2,990 yen on the PSN Store while the suggested price of the physical version is 3,980 yen. The PlayStation Vita has only been on the street less than three weeks, but it seems game stores are having trouble getting copies of Ridge Racer out the door, even despite its favorable price tag.

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jujubee882418d ago

Making games publishers go back to the metaphorical drawing board with their experimental pricing schemes so that consumers can gain something from the bargain is the best solution.

If Namco has learned from their lessons and included more built-in content, less bugs, better DLC plans, than I and many others will gladly buy their game and commit to their services. Until than, this is the way it should be.

MasterCornholio2418d ago

Namco pulled off a sleazy move by releasing Ridge Racer with so little content. I hope they learnt their lesson because what they did was unacceptable.

Seriously no one wants to buy a game with barely any content and then be forced to buy a bunch of DLC in order to have the full experience.


GodHandDee2418d ago

great news...bamco will learn the lesson

GirlyGamer2418d ago

what'd expect with 5 tracks?

knifefight2418d ago

3 tracks actually.
5 cars.

Either way, laughable amount of content.

resistance1002418d ago

Good, Awful game with no content doesn't deserve any sales when there are some cracking launch titles out there

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The story is too old to be commented.