Worthplaying Reviews Beowulf: 4.8/10

Via Worthplaying:

"There are times when it's great to wade into battle and cut a bloody swath of destruction through your enemies as you try to save your people, but that kind of excitement lasts only for the first hour or so. Thanks to its ability to maul the movie that it supposedly follows, Beowulf is a poor substitute for the film and an even more frustrating experience on the console, given its clumsy fight mechanics, uninspired enemies and the repetitive button-mashing. In the end, Beowulf will leave you with an arsenal of broken weapons and a sore thumb by which to remember its legacy."

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MK_Red3755d ago

While this is not a great game, it's rather fun and much better than most of movie based games.

Excalibur3754d ago

For those that may not know,GameStop has Beowulf on sale for $19.99 new
and even better, I had Circuit City price match it and with their 110% price match policy it knocked another $4.00 off. That combined with my Circuit City gamer card, I paid a grand total of $13.50 for the game.