Square Enix on Versus XIII: "People will be excited when they next see it"

Square Enix gives status update for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and believes fans will be impressed when they next show the game.

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rebirthofcaos2452d ago

more likely, hope 13-2 fails in the us, not sure if call it fail in japan, but some people think so. Im guessing they will place the other console at the end of the trailer. ;_;

Colwyn2452d ago

I can't wait for ffvs13 and I'm hoping Itll be released this year.

sikbeta2452d ago

They better not screw up, hope the low sales fo XIII-2 in Japan (for now) shake them up!

ABizzel12452d ago

Square Enix on Versus XIII: "People will be excited when they next see it".......In 2100 -_-

Commander_TK2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Hopefully it'll stay exclusive and they'll announce a 2012 release date. Maybe if we're gonna be more realistic, I'd guess Q1-2 in 2013.

Snookies122451d ago

Commander_TK - It will be PS3 exclusive, Tetsuya Nomura already stated he didn't want to work mutliplatform. He'd rather work exclusively on one console from the beginning, then maybe port it over later.

Anyway, I hope this comes out later this year, I would love that. This game has been in development way too long damnit. Especially considering they won't start Kingdom Hearts 3 until this is finished, argh!

badz1492451d ago

at least 3 years too late for THAT!

bakasora2451d ago

Come on $E, this may be the last game I buy from you.

FlashXIII2451d ago

Can't say I'm all that excited tbh. The title quote sums up the new Square perfectly.. We'll be excited when we "SEE" it. I don't want to be excited when I see it, I want to be excited when I'm experiencing it for myself. Too much shiny, too little substance.. should be Square's equivalent of EA sports "it's in the game"

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firefoxprime2452d ago

solid way to start the new year mhmm

Bundi2452d ago

Um besides the obvious fact that FFXIII-2 success would mean more ff games on 360, why else do you want it to fail?

floetry1012452d ago

Kind of sad in this day and age when gamers want to see a game series go under.

TheGrimReaper2451d ago

"[...]why else do you want it to fail?"

Maybe it has to fail so SE realizes that their vision of FF isn't matching fans expectations?
Main problem: Fans yell and cry but still buy...

_Aarix_2451d ago

Well with the time it spent in devlopment i wouldnt be surprised if it had to go multiplatform just to make that much needed dough. Either way im going to enjoy this on my ps3.

OmegaSlayer2452d ago

It will NEVER live up to the hype.
That's certain.

Biggest2452d ago

Which hype? That it's vaporware, it's more crap from SquareEnix, or it's going to be an awesome game?

rabidpancakeburglar2452d ago

What hype?? People have been lauding this game as if it is the second coming of Jesus while knowing nothing about it, that hype.

thesummerofgeorge2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

People certainly have been itching for news on Versus, as what has been shown looked promising; but there's been virtually nothing since TO hype, and thus, we've heard very little about it.

rabidpancakeburglar2451d ago

Whoops, I meant to write which not what. That'll bug me.

Biggest2451d ago

The point of my comment was not that I haven't heard the hype. I am trying to figure out which hype it will fail to live up to. I really thought my comment was pretty clear.

Will it:
A: Never be released
B: Be a terrible game
C: Be an awesome game
D: Fail to live up to any hype and end up being released, being better than terrible, and worse than awesome.

rabidpancakeburglar2451d ago

I know, I accidentally wrote what instead of which as I said above. If someone is talking about the hype surrounding vXIII it can only be about people making it out to be the salvation of JRPGs.

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MariaHelFutura2452d ago

I don't care what anyone says, I'm still excited for this.

Goozex2451d ago

I agree, I I'm excited also. Ive had this one under my radar for a while. Maybe e3 s-e will show us some updated footage.

zeddy2451d ago

its alive! although i shant be excited when microshaft ruin it for everyone.

adamant7152451d ago


I totally agree! I just want KH3 and the sooner this releases the sooner they finally announce it

StraightPath2451d ago

what will be wrong if it comes on the other console?..more people enjoy it..i own all consoles so there is no problem here for me

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2451d ago

The main foreseeable problem with that would be that it would explain why it's taking so damn long to make the game.
Think of it this way. You got a game you're making for like...2 years on one console, then you're told you gotta make it work on two. The amount of changes you'd have to do, coupled with a change in the game engine would pretty much put you at ground zero again.

Prophet-Gamer2451d ago

It's been proven that going multiplat hinders a game's potential especially when going from PS3 exclusive to 360. The major issue is the 360's DVD limitation. It's a glaring flaw and versus could very well suffer because of it.

showtimefolks2451d ago


hoping for a game to fail is not a good thing, as seeing FF13-2 is looking like what FF13 should have been. so forget FF13 which was a good game even though people give it crap but 13-2 looks like a better game and fixes many issues wuth FF13.

versus 13 i am excited about, i am not a FF fan but i am excited that its not a turn base FF title. I like that combat will be all in real time.

one thing i could careless about is whther its exclusive or not, my enjoyment won't be based off that att all. and FF13 was on 3 disks on xbox360 so we know SE won't cut the content from versus if they do release it on xbox360.

D3mons0ul2451d ago

Wait, hold the phone.

WHY would you WANT something to fail? Why would you wish for something you don't care for to do poorly?

Just don't buy it. Why even bring XIII-2 up in a Versus article anyway?

baodeus2451d ago

i guess Rebirthofcaos wanted FF series from now on to stay exclusives to PS.....?

wait a minute, FF series has not really been exclusive to any platform haven't they?

Why ask for something that was never yours?

forevercloud30002451d ago

FF may not have ever been totally exclusive to any console but it has never been Multiplatform trash either. The point isn't "keep it away from 360 blowhards!" its "Stick to one platform at a time so you can utilize all it's strengths". At least When FF made the jump from Nintendo to Sony it was for the GAME's benefit. FFVII would have been quite subpar had it been on Nintendo console as they refused to bring their hardware up to standard. God forbid if it was Multi between the two!!!! Awful.

Blaze9292451d ago

people excited over something Square Enix shows? Unless they name this Kingdom Hearts 3, I doubt that...

sofocado2451d ago

Hopefully they taking their time because they are doing a port for the Xbox 360. In that way more people can enjoy the game

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fluffydelusions2452d ago

"People will be excited when they next see it"

What year will we see it?

MaideninBlack2452d ago

What year will we play it? We've already seen it, and seen it and seen it....

PshycoNinja2452d ago


I hope when they say "fans will be excited" that means that we're excited cause they will announce the release date and that it will release this year!!!

TopDudeMan2452d ago

I'd be excited, surprised and impressed all at once if I do ever see it. This is turning into the new duke nukem forever.

NiceGuy1922452d ago

I'll be excited when I next play it