WWE Superstar Sheamus Talks About His In-Game Moves, And Relating To Kratos

One of the emerging names in professional wrestling is WWE Superstar Sheamus. In addition to being seen in regular WWE programming, the Irish wrestler is featured in THQ’s WWE 12 and WWE All Stars games.

When he’s not pulling off signature moves like the Irish Curse or Brogue Kick in the ring, Sheamus can be found playing games. He talks about his love of gaming in this exclusive interview.

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MetalX2509d ago

Yes that's right 'bruv'.
What's wrong, dont like 'is 'air?.

MetalX2509d ago

I've met this guy before in an airport. Awesome guy to have a conversation with but he seemed pissed that the WWE and American media in general stereotype the crap out of him.

vortis2509d ago

Mentioning Sheamus and Kratos in the same sentence actually throws wild thoughts through the maybe Sheamus playing Kratos in the live-action version of the movie. Haha.

demon312509d ago

well is not a bad idea... he already white so the only thing he need is the red lines.

Zydake2509d ago

"Do you have any other gadgets or games you travel with?

I’m more a Blackberry man and I have a PSP2, as well."

PSP2? i think he means the PSPgo