Unreleased Map Found in Modern Warfare 3 Files?

MP1st - "Recently, we reported on Modern Warfare 3′s first map pack being leaked. Apparently, there is another unreleased map found in MW3′s files."

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xtremexx2151d ago

maybe its the next DLC for elite

crxss2151d ago

typical COD, finding DLC content already on the disc so it can be unlocked with a code... shameless

Cosmit2150d ago

Ha. The game already comes with 16 maps anyways. So what's the big deal? You remember BC2? You want to talk about DLC content already on the disk? Now that VIP crap was bull.

EmperorDalek2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

The first map pack for Black Ops was 1.6 GB. That's too big to be an unlock code. You must be thinking of Capcom.

Jio2151d ago

That map isn't rough, those graphics are normal for CoD.

JaredH2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Wow it even says Strike and Overgrown in the files. So they're gonna release maps that were on COD4 and already released as DLC for Modern Warfare 2 but now for MW3. I think it might be fake just because of this. If not wow...

GraveLord2151d ago

Unreleased map or just just map name?
I've fallen for these hit-seeking articles before.

Criminal2151d ago

Screenshot of an early build.

NeloAnjelo2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

It's MW4