20 unmissable games from 2011

Has there ever been anything like it? There have arguably been more huge titles released in the last 12 months than during any other window in history, and it's made for a corking - not to mention expensive - year for gamers.

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lorianguy2419d ago

I got about 5 games during 2011 so I've missed at least 15 of these...oops...

SnakeCQC2419d ago

mw3 was missible my worst purchase EVER

Bob5702419d ago

I'm sorry, but there were not even close to being 20 "unmissable" games this year.

schlanz2419d ago

"unmissable" may be overstating things a bit, but there were certainly at least 20 fantastic games released this year.

ChiVoLok02419d ago

Completely forgot Resistance 3

ronin4life2418d ago

No Ghost trick? No Sm3dl? No Ghost trick?