No More Heroes means no more blood in Europe

By now you should all be aware of Suda 51's latest cel-shaded gore-fest, No More Heroes. While completely outrageous violence and showers of blood have made up the vast majority of the game's promotional material, it seems that only America is getting what has been advertised -- if you live in Europe then you can enjoy the Japanese, censored version.

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pwnsause3907d ago

once again, another 3rd party wii game that isnt going to sell over 1 million. by when will 3rd party devs realize that the wii is a fad and start making games on the PS3 and 360?

resistance1003907d ago

Well this was the game which may have got me to consider rebuying a wii because of the blood and violence, but now that we have been screwed over and the wii is region locked looks like i will give it a miss.

I think your right about sales for this game bombing, much like most 3rd party games on wii, and nintendo fans wonder why the likes of Cod4, Assasins Creed, GRAW aren't hitting wii aswell

ItsDubC3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

The Wii has more 3rd-party titles that've sold over 1 million than the PS3 so if 1 million units is such an important number, why would 3rd-party devs choose to make more PS3 games?

Hitting 1 million units isn't the ultimate metric for software sales.

MK_Red3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

WTF!? NMH's Blood was censored in Japan. Now it's censored in Europe. What's next, US? WTF is going on here?

ChickeyCantor3907d ago

US version is promised to be full with blood....shame on the blood policy all of a sudden....but doesnt matter gameplay still looks fun

MK_Red3907d ago

Hope it's true and US version doesn't get censored. I just hope it arrives like Killer 7. Bloody, bizarre, sick, odd fun.

Malkier3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Bring the power back to the gamer. We should be able to choose if we want blood or not, some games used to have the choice in the options.
If parents dont want their kids seeing blood, let them set it to green or no blood at all, but give us the choice to make ourselves. So sick of being told what I can and cant have/see.

djt233907d ago

i just hope that NA ver is not going to be censored

akaFullMetal3907d ago

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah no bloood,..............wait..... what? blood!?.........thats weak man, thats weak, good thing ill be able to see the blood verison

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The story is too old to be commented.