SWTOR Has 350,000 Peak Concurrent Users

Baird Equity Research claims their research indicates that The Old Republic has 350,000 concurrent users across 215 servers worlwide.

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fluffydelusions2539d ago

Makes me wonder how many are waiting in queues lol.

kevnb2539d ago

its been addressed. Never wait longer than 5-10 minutes now.

FlashXIII2539d ago

That's funny, could of swore I spent 45 mins waiting in a queue the other day.

KillaManiac2539d ago

I was doing 40min-1 hour or so on release, but now I have 0 queues ever.

ATi_Elite2539d ago

Ghee-Whiz i thought they were to address this issue before the release date so to AVOID people having to wait in queue or suffer from crashed servers.

Stop being Cheap EA and get more servers online A.S.A.P......I command it!

Mutley4162539d ago

i never been in q....i picked a good server!

solar2539d ago

I play on Corrilian Run and im almost always in Q. Sometimes the 300th in line. All my mates got early access and it was one of the earliest servers.

theeg2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

i always make the mistake of buying an mmo right at launch, and while the game is quite polished and runs beautiful, it feels kind of hollow.

i'm sure people will disagree with me and that is ok, but World of Warcraft is a 10x better game, the world is more cohesive, the art style and vistas are better, the ui customization is non-existant in ToR, in wow you can fix everything, i HATE where the chat window is in ToR.

Plus, though the voice acting is good, it is unrealistic and phony and adds to that hollow feeling, the way the mobs just sit there in place, it is lacking a certain "organicness"

thats just me, i will not sub and have cancelled, i might grind out a few more hours and then pick up again in 6 months and see if they have made it more cohesive.

though many of the things i said were negitive, i give ea/bioware big credit for pulling off a smooth launch, as soon as i got the game i was up and playing at 60 frames per second maxed out, the friend thing worked and i personally never waite3d in a 'q'

but again, it feels like i am in oz, and there are beautiful things to see, and strange mysteries all around, but i can see the wizard behind the curtain in his underwear smoking a crack pipe, the beauty of the place is killed for me by the obviousness of the charade.

KeiserSosay47882539d ago

Imo, the art style in WoW is more childish and goofy. I never got into WoW like I've gotten into this game. And its not just because its Star Wars.

kevnb2539d ago

are you drunk? I dont even know what you are saying lol.

aliengmr2539d ago

WoW owes its success to timing as much as anything else. WoW offered a much more polished and stable experience than all of it competitors and as more people tried it, the more they brought their friends along. Until you were cruising around other MMO's and realized everyone was play WoW. It was a cascade effect.

TOR has the advantage of being both the same and different from WoW. If it produce the same cascade of players it won't matter what game is technically better. The first year will tell the tale.

GearsOfWar2539d ago

I keep seeing people saying they don't like the chat window where it is.

You do realize you can drag it, right? Just click and hold general to move it around.

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