New IP by Crystal Dynamics this 2012

In the year of the reboot for Tomb Raider franchise, Crystal Dynamics is ready to announce a new IP.

Is Downfall a reality?

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Bundi2147d ago

As opposed to last 2012?

Oldman1002147d ago

I guess they had to delay it to this 2012. I hope it doesn't get delayed further to next 2012.

Bundi2147d ago

No please don't give them any ideas!

THC CELL2147d ago

what is it going to be? The rest of us?? ;-)

Oldman1002147d ago

Downfall will involve Joelle, an older woman, and Elliot, a young teenage boy. An infection has wreaked havoc across the world, nature has reclaimed the environment and they will do whatever they can to survive. Rofl.

trippyaaron2147d ago

damn, wish it was a new gex

SolidGear32147d ago

Hope to God that it is Downfall!

camel_toad2147d ago

Im surprised they havent tried to bring Legacy of Kain into this generation.

FinaLXiii2147d ago

They at least could do HD remasters for the previous games.