Hydrophobia Prophecy on PlayStation 3 Review - Push Square

Push Square: "Hydrophobia Prophecy is driven by some interesting ideas and outstanding technology, but the package is marred by a lack of polish and poor level design."

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Valenka2513d ago

Yeah I'm glad I got to play Hydrophobia at my friend's house, which gave me the insight that it's not worth buying.

kingPoS2513d ago

Hydrophobia plays like you'd think would if it were a game within home.
Nothing against home, but Hydrophobia kinda had me thinking I was playing one of home's mini games.

andron2513d ago

The water effects are good, but the game could be much better. I got it for free as a PSN+, so I didn't waste any money on it luckily...

PirateThom2513d ago

Good thing it was free on PS+, but even that was overpriced... basically, it just didn't feel right. I can see what they were trying to do, but it comes off as one of those midrange PS2 games in terms of controls where it's not bad, but just feels really stiff. I thought we were past that.

With better controls, it would have been decent. Shame they learned nothing for the PS3 version.